Wednesday, 29 February 2012

365/60 Extraordinary.

Being a kind on ordered person (well in my head at least) I like that this extra day comes at day 60, like it's at a tidy place in the year. I read the prompt as soon as it was posted, I was up early as I feel the responsibility more when on my own with the girls..and have to do the college taxi run.  All day I have been looking for and noticing the out of the ordinary.. I drove back home at 8.30 the sun broke through, the first time in lots of days, like a welcome reminder of the souls we have loved and lost acknowledging they are still wasn't as dark as the picture but the contrast is high and it was early..

 Later as I passed the landing I thought I should share this second coming of the orchid...

and now, amazingly I am home much earlier than usual as we have been doing work on updating our system and well, why not....and tomorrow will be painful with all new software to get used to.. lots of damns, blasts and oh, I sees !!!!

....though a couple extra hours is soon lost here! .. and just in case blogging isn't enough, my craft bag, tidy, or close to it, is ready to get see, a very extraordinary day!


  1. Love the orchid pic. hope tomorrow isn't too painful

  2. What a beautiful flower. I love the thought of the light bringing us closer to lost ones.

  3. Oh those comments have resonated with me today as I try to find my way through the next few days....yours sound difficult - I am rooting for you. Mine too, with the funeral I have just been through and you were so kind to comment on and the anniversary of the day we found out Dad's illness was terminal. These extraordinary, yet ordinary things we go through are the matter of our lives...they shape us and set us on emotions and roads. Love your blog Kath xxx

  4. Oh and I forgot to say....My Family & Other Animals was a very favourite book in my teens....took me away from my humdrum teenage upbringing in north devon to an exotic place in Cyprus (was it Cyprus? I hope so!!!)


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