Friday, 17 February 2012

365/48 Abstract.

Not an easy word of the day for someone who likes her things symmetrical and with some kind of repeated form. I sit here on my sofa perusing a world where the tiles around my fireplace, the design on my wallpaper and on my carpet and front door are all versions of a rectangle.  Even my ornaments have rhythm and form, one side matching the other, no randomness to speak of in this little world of mine!  And it's not even something I try to do!

It really is quite revealing, rectangular mirrors and bookcases, diamond shaped nets of lights and circular decorative baubles...

I am waiting for Jordan to come home from her work and present me with one of her random examples of abstractness...

JB and her example of abstract-ism.

Kuramathi chairs!
It comes to mind something my scrapbook pal Linda once said when she saw me tearing a pair of papers across a Fiskars random edged ruler.. 'only you could tear in an organised fashion'.. though as I have shown before now on this blog I am not known for tidiness in the putting stuff away kind of manner ..x

And for the record, the most abstract photo I have..


  1. That's absolutely gorgeous !

  2. Oh wow I love your daughter's artwork! So much to look at :D


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