Saturday, 25 February 2012

365/56 Saturday.

There was a time when it was an early start for acro and dance class, followed by the usual food shop and catering for everyone, but of late the girls have been more occupied with work and generally doing their own thing and we have found ourselves 'home alone' for a few hours on Saturdays.  No chance to feel the empty nest though as taxi duties for the teens kicks in later on, tonight even collecting the pa-in-law from a social, so the best bit is a bit of blogging by the fire and 'easy tea'

.. poor Col, his day has involved plumbing in a bunch of new taps, we have been here 15 years and the life of lots of things seems to have been 14 and a half years!

Today we had the grand daughters here for a bit, its nice to mind them in the daytime so you get to play with them and also M&D get to have a break in daytime hours... going out in the evenings when you have young kids isn't always great, esp when an early night is really preferable to getting done up to have a night out!

The baby one is waving and a moment away from walking, but maybe she'll save that for her first birthday on 6 March..big sister is growing in leaps and bounds, and somehow we think that if Mum were here she'd say she talks as much as I did.. xx


  1. What beautiful photos- sounds like a lovely day.

  2. Great pics.. sounds like you've had a fun filled day


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