Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Where do I begin...a month of days!

So I think I have a bunch of photos to tell the story of the past month! I will make a few notes but let the pics speak for themselves.. I have sadly lost momentum with the challenges so I will include the view pictures I have tried to take , my saving grace I think!

Since my last note we have spent seven nights in America visiting with Col's Uncle Bill and Deborah and seeing two of Col's first cousins who he only gets to see every ten or fifteen years.

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 We had a lovely afternoon sailing on the Potomac (the river where that plane crashed in icey water about 30 yrs ago) We loved seeing planes landing at National airport right over our heads..

It was great weather and we got in the pool a few times, absolutely just what we needed, except we know now that summer is gone for good!  

The last few days we spent with friends about an hour from Col's Uncle so it worked out well..we ate and drank so often I felt quite full for a week when we got home!  The hospitality was fab and it was amazing to spend time with Michele who is an encyclopaedia of food and I think all things Italy! Their family came by too so we got to meet all the new additions to the family.


Our Zac arrived at Heathrow about an hour after we did on 22nd September, it was just great to see him ad worked out just right for travelling home together.  He goes away again this Friday, that month has really flown by; no big parties as weather and house / building works have not leant themselves to a proper 'do' but he has seen family and friends, chilled and had nights out and we have just enjoyed having him about..

Found this little video.. Zac loves technology!

Boating with Pops and pal Liam

And here are a few of my October views..the window view has Col& Zac sitting just here the window use to be!

October .. where the window view was!

Not forgetting Lyla.. so funny x
Porthcurno Oct view
A different sofa view, the other one, this time Lilly and Annabelle!