Saturday, 4 February 2012

365/35 Liquid.

Well to be fair I was always going to have tenuous links with some of these prompts, helping them fit the events of the day and keeping this a little blog of life with the Jones'

Seeing the word for today as 'liquid' I knew where I'd end up.. okay, so the threat of snow has given way to the more usual Cornish sunshine of 'really wet' drizzle..and every day is a mix of liquids, from showering to cups of tea and my pans of Saturday Soup.....
but the adventures of our middle-child have definitely taken a little precedence today.

Zac called us last evening, he had docked in Los Angeles mid day and had loads to tell us about the settling in / familiarisation period since he joined them with his mate up in Vancouver on Tuesday. Contractors have left after the refitting and passengers arrive this afternoon expecting a holiday of a lifetime! When we spoke we weren't sure if he would get chance to set foot on dry land that evening, Colin said that when you are on a ship like that you wouldn't be bothered, but I kind of thought that it may seem too enticing to see the docks and not get ashore.

Well unusually I didn't check my hotmail and tweets this morning til about noon, then got a real surprise e-mail from Zac ... about 6am here.. and 10pm out there.. emailing from an eatery in Hollywood no less!  They got ashore and grabbed the chance to see something, there won't be many chances to be in port with no passegers aboard...Go Zac!

(so, to the photo and the word.. plenty of liquid to see as the ship leave LA, (above) and credit for this nice image from Wikimedia..)

..PS and this is a pic Zac posted from there today..

First port!


  1. sounds as thought Zac is having fun as well as earning a living xx

  2. It must be a lovely way to earn a living at times! When they have no passengers it must be great!

  3. Glad to hear Zac is having a good time and enjoying it all - so far! x

  4. Wow, great story, I used to work at sea, but only to france and spain, not 'deep sea' like your son. Happy Travels Zac, I am very envious, it was a great lifestyle, we worked really, really, hard and played just as hard :)

  5. Stunning shot - yes I found Karen through Louise and have been trying to keep up with her 26 weeks of photos with mixed success. Thanks for visiting - Joanne


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