Tuesday, 21 February 2012

365/52 Sky high!

Well I am feeling a little fragile this evening,  probably fighting off a version of what Col had over the weekend, but so far not succombed, but I do think an early night and good sleep, maybe aided by couple glasses of wine will help!  Col has taken JB out for her first time driving with him, en route to 2 For Tuesday I imagine ... Kate and her chap and I had pancakes and I added raspberries to the usual lemon & sugar.. and I love raspberries!

So an easy photo for today, but given that it was from my HTC and indoors not a bad pair!


  1. I wasn't brave enough to toss my pancakes I'm afraid. Well done.

  2. great pic hope you are feeling better today

  3. Great pics ♥

    I've never tried strawberries on pancakes, it look delish.. hope you soon feel better. Gez.


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