Tuesday, 14 February 2012

365/45 Candle.

Well unless something untoward happens this is going to be my first 'fail' to find something for the daily photo prompt. Yes, I could go take a photo of one of the lovely tea light holders I have but it wouldn't quite give a flavour of my day... so I'll tell you the news instead.

I took my eldest grand-daughter to the Show Me show with Chris &Pui (those in the know will know, to anyone else this is the modern day equivalent to Play School heros!) She has been really xcited all week and that was lovely, we had a great time, singing (not her favourite thing, slightly bashful, amazingly enough, when you know her!),clapping, eating ice cream and having some complete 'out time'.

We had lunch (well scones and fruit) at M&S where she went off to find a table (still in my sight) and entered into conversation with everyone around her..and on the way home we ended up talking about volcanoes. At this point I wondered if I was rambling on about something this little girl had no idea about, her being only 3 1/2 years old and all that, when she asked me if it was the same volcano which has lava.... turns out she only has to hear something once and she gets it.. the lava was on some kids TV show..

..after some shopping for food we came home and JB cooked with her.. so she had a good day out, then we went home to deliver Mum and Dad the sewing kit, chocs, wine and brussel sprouts (!) she had found and got Nan to buy at Tesco.!

Sky over STS...

.. and to welcome a lazy Domino's Pizza / television and teen taxi evening this is the gorgeous sky over our workshops at 6pm..Happy Valentine's day everyone.. x


  1. It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful day- and the sky was so beautiful it was certainly worth including here.

  2. What a gorgeous way of spending the day !

  3. she has the look of you doesn't she? she sounds delightful. x

  4. Sounds as if you enjoyed the day out as much as your granddaughter .The sky photo is beautiful


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