Friday, 23 May 2014

Variegated & Red

Well I have a busy few days in store with decorating in Col's Dad's place and then looking after the girls whilst Lisa and Co do a 12 Km challenge.. so I thought maybe I should get the final pics up .. the Red plants are kind of variegated, hence the combination post!

April has made a cocktail herb garden including this Lemon balm, variegated version!


When I was setting the prompt I had this green hydrangea earmarked for this day!!

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Simple lawn daisies .. you remember trying to split the stem to make a daisy chain when you were young?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


My pink offerings from my Garden.. all very accidental!
So I posted this from my phone and then edit on PC.. Borqna is so fast she commented before I wrote!

Much fun in the house with Lyla yesterday.. she was all in pins.. we played Pirates and then cooked soup and collected basil from the garden.
Lollipops as a reward and Selfies with nannie!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Gran's flower for Jordan in our garden..

Monday, 19 May 2014


All my life I have loved the Laburnum tree. We had a huge one in the school yard at St Levan Primary School and I always feel nostalgia when I see one.

There is one in our front garden just about to flower...

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Spring field and drinks!

Well this evening was sunny but chilly and we had a walk round the building work. I was amazed at all the landscaping and digging out which has to be done. It is not just foots pace for two buildings it is gates and car parking area and lovely landscaped slopes which will be fantastic when all grassed.

Lisa and Tom came by and looked at it at the weekend and Lisa said my thoughts out loud..'What would Gran and Nan say?' It's so true..they were so supportive of our project, which back in 1997 was simply making a home for the 10 of us and surviving financially...supportive to the extent they lived in caravans whilst we did the house and converted barns for them.

Spring Field View
So this is my Spring view from below the containers.. and I will try and find the winter view to compare..I cannot imagine the summer and autumn changes.

Winter Field View
And as for drinks..well this is my lovely milky coffee .. my last drink before bed..

And this is my Thank Goodness It's Friday G&T. .yes I know it's Thursday but it IS the start of the weekend when you have had a busy week xx

Monday, 12 May 2014

Catch up.. Spring Views and... Foods!

Spring Sky at St Ives

We snuck a trip to St Ives for lunch and birthday shopping for the SIL yesterday and I got my spring images at the harbour!

Spring View St Ives Harbour

 Then the girls came by after they had been out for Sunday lunch, so they were in their Sunday best! ;-) 

Annabelle was hanging out with us and she is so chilled.. well at least when not out to dinner (hence why she was with us!), 15 months now and just cute!

Mischief in a dress x
Just so 'the Big Sister'

Oh and while I am on catch up.. as ever.. here's the great basket of bread I crave (this one from Jordan's St Just market on Saturday.. I went along for the chat and to see how it went along in case I am called in to help someday)

My Food Heaven

Definitely my Food Hell!

...and to round of the weekend a promise of some decent weather.. ?

Monday, 5 May 2014

Evening meal..

I should have taken a picture of our gorgeous tuna we had yesterday evening but the gins and wine made me a little forgetful...We did take a few pics of the day though. .oh and I just remembered the Cinnamon French Toast dessert..

..This evening we are travelling home and after a long queue amongst the Istanbul flight I was glad to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy a coffee. .When booking tickets the Club tickets were cheaper than the that out !?..frowns?! we got a pre flight snack in the special lounge!....sadly almost British Rail standard sandwiches but we were hungry.. and great coffee..x

More signs..

We have been to Lyon in France so Colin could visit a customer and we worked it so we could use the 3 day weekend and not miss any work.. and just to top it off we managed a night seeing Zac on the way. .

..I will let you work out which sign suits which prompt for the Lucky 7 challenge ;-)
Comforting Sign?
Aren't we all?
So French..road signs.
Zac's parent company HQ from our hotel.
See what was parked next to us this morning...Emerald Princess.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


It was a lovely sunny afternoon on Tuesday so Lilly, Lyla and I went to Mr.B's for ice cream..Lilly was brave enough to have tutti fruitti and cherry and vanilla.. but did admit she wasn't so keen near the end!

I managed to photograph the sign and Lilly!!