Thursday, 23 February 2012

365/54 In the detail..

Mmmm, so as I've been pondering a photo and something to say today, my mind kept wandering to the 'detail' in one of my layouts but I couldn't find something which hadn't been posted before... and there it was..
 Last year our scrap group had a monthly challenge and only a few of us completed it.. I only got 5 layouts finished and it was only an 8x8 album so pretty poor show on my part.. but I did try to make it an album about me and using some of the old photos which might not otherwise get the attention., and I do hope to finish all the layouts one day.

February was 'scrapbok a childhood memory' and I chose to do a double layout about me and my best childhood friend, a boy who lived opposite. He was about three years older than me, like an older brother, in fact more so than my only brother who was 11 and at Grammar School by the time I came along!

I really liked this page, the button papers were reminscent of the days : knitted jumpers with those pearly buttons on the shoulder, wooden pegs for the days before washing machines and tumble driers, a picture of us and my dog Meg, hanging out in front of Teddy's house where we played cars and sometimes tennis in the road.

I was so much the younger 'sister', I was the gullible trusting one, perfect foil for the long tall stories he loved to tell! I used to have his cast off wellies (he got new ones as the old ones had holes.. I had wellies you couldn't wear in the water! ) I had his trike the year he got a bike, then promptly ran it into the swollen river as I looked back to see if he was eating into the 'head start' he had given me in our race to the Carpenter's Shop!

After I left the cove we kept in touch through our teens, then we both got married and we haven't been in touch more than about twice, but I think of him a lot, we shared the same slot in time, the same experiences and there is something to be said for that...I think his birthday was February

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