Sunday, 26 February 2012

365/57 Light.

Well I slept better last night, somehow, and lost an extra hour by dozing off again this morning, so to be honest, I didn't really have a morning..!  Later Col and I went out, taking flowers for our Mums and my Dad of course...the weather 'out to the westard' we agreed was pretty pensive, no real movement, grey, almost drizzle, like it was waiting for a good gust of wind to come move it along... a bit like us, waiting for the next adventure, the next season..

It can be a dreary feeling going to visit churchyards in that kind of weather, but as we got to St. Levan and got out of the car the air seemed clearer and the drizzle had gone, so much so we took a good breath and we even spoke about how much better it felt.  Although I am not a regular church going person, I am one of those who attend on the usual occasions, there is a certain something for me there... its a combination of nostalgia, contact with the people I grew up with, a payment of respect / homage, I'm not sure, but even Colin agrees that that place has a special aura, and being 'at the end of the road' literally makes it all the more quiet, special, personal to you, a place to appreciate the quiet and family.  I love it that it is something he 'gets' often I ramble on and he just humours me, crazy bird!

I had in mind the prompt for today and hoped a ray of light may peek through the grey sky or onto the sea as we got there, but nothing we could capture. I took some pictures anyway and here's a selection and in retrospect I think you can see the light in them...the reflected glory of the daffodils, the pure white light of the snowdrops in the vicarage drive.. and I couldn't leave out the single garlic flower hiding across from the snowdrops which it surely would love to be!

'wish I was a snowdrop..'


  1. "wish I was a snowdrop" lol very good :)
    Another echo up here we have a church and graveyard at the end of our road. No-one we know in there but we find it a restful place.

    Lovely shots xx

  2. love those daffs, full of light and promise of spring. Love graveyards so peaceful and grounding.xx

  3. Gorgeous pictures KathiJo. Adore the daffodils !

  4. Love the snowdrops and daffodils.


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