Sunday, 5 February 2012

365/36 Rubbish!

RUBBISH is what I'd call myself of late when it comes to tidying away my 'stuff'.. we were really busy in the run up to our holiday and then Christmas arrived the day after we got home...then Col and I got a night away ten days ago..and the last few weekends I have finally learnt the attraction of chillin' out in front the fire..(you can kind of see the pattern of excuse making going on here...)

...consequently the jobs which I intend to do every Saturday and Sunday when I lay in bed 'planning' have gone by the by.. and my bedroom still has the pre-Christmas suitcase (well it was new, so hasn't yet been allocated a 'home') and the weekend-away holdall laying around, festooned with various bits of ironing (all done, just not put anywhere..) some reading from holidays and also half my scarf collection draped over the chair. The various black jackets and coats which have made the cross trainer a very useful clothes horse go without explanation!

And my scrap room next door is another story..a desk full of untidiness to be attended to.. looks like I need another night with R
oss and his OCD to sort that one.

The plan is to order the Ikea wardrobe stuff ordered for our room and get the scrap room sorted... soon.. well I could say 'this week' but that may be setting myself up to fail!

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  1. It certainly doesn't look like rubbish, just a normal amount of sorting after a busy few weeks :)
    Mine was lovely last week when I was off for a few days and after 5 days back at work it looks as though it was never ordered!!!


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