Wednesday, 15 February 2012

365/46 Bloom.

I was hoping that my orchid, which has been looking pretty forlorn since just after Christmas, no leaves to speak of and no flowers, would let the new buds open, but they are a law unto themselves and it will probably be March if current progress is anything to go by.

Then I wondered if I could use a less than obvious 'bloom' but to be honest today hasn't been very blooming marvellous at all, inspiration wise... I have had too many people emailing and calling me too many times, finished work late and as we are playing taxi to the teen who is working I declined an offer to eat out..
(anyway, pizza last night and far too many easy meals the past week made me feel guilty) so I set to and did salmon and veg, went down well, though Col and I are a bit tense, both ranting about almost unimportant stuff, rambling as much as ranting, but hardly relaxed.  (We have big customer visit tomorrow and lots on so hopefully the approaching weekend will help, not least of all for me as it is my scrapbook monthly meet on Saturday)

So what else.. Ross is settling in well, seems to be enjoying working a real week instead of a catering week where he leaves for work as we finish. He has been doing lots of manual stuff, partly as we like to tidy well before customers visit, a bit like painting before the Queen comes.. but also so he can get to grips with all the jobs which need doing around here. Next week he gets to be tidy himself and is out on some training and sales calls so that will be interesting and tiring in a completely different way for him! 

Just browsing my library and this is probably my best pic of a 'bloom', it is a delicate yet prolific flower we see on our holidays nd I just love the colour and the effect that real hot sun has on the quality of the pictures.

.. but wanted to remind myself also of a lovely layout I did of lots of the blooms a few years ago.. have to get my scrap head on again for Saturday or I'll spend the morning just vegging out and achieving nothing!


  1. Lovely blooms. They remind me of warm holidays

  2. sending you a few calming vibes and hugs.
    love the colour of your bloom

  3. Lovely pic, Hope you are taking time to relax and take a breath
    love and hugs


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