Saturday, 4 February 2012

Slightly out of synch! 365/33 Buttons.

Well as soon as I saw the prompt for Thursady this is what I wanted to photograph.

 I loved these shoes from afar a few months back, pre-Christmas shooping. I especially loved the purple ones but since I rarely wear purple I rationalised that if I bought them I would then have to buy clothes to match!

Then January sale time came and I happened (yes, just happened.... honest) to be in M&S with Jordan and saw them in the sale... even better, there was no purple ones in my size so I wasn't tempted to buy a complete 'white elephant' and the black ones fitted great... and with only a little prompt from J they were bought..I just LOVE the buttons, though sure that having to do them up with button hooks way back in the days before the Zip fastener, may not have been quite so much fun.

mmmm, I really could do with a nice black handbag now...xx

You can see the rest of the 365 challenge 'button' pictures at Suzie's blog.. 365/33 Button

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