Tuesday, 7 February 2012

365/38 Damaged..

Well when I saw the prompt for today I wondered if anything would give me the chance to blog the events of the day as well as doing the challenge....mmm, I wondered if I would show the empty bottle of wine Ross and I might want to 'show the damage' of tonight, or maybe the damage you have to inflict in order to improve it, creating rubbish before the cleansing is revealed..!

It was a hectic day in all things 'STS' and we were all busy getting things done when there was a power cut. The workshop guys soon realised that the kettle wouldn't work so they got busy washing their cars.. and in the office we pretended they were on TV! (watching out the window as we had to pull the blinds up to max the light)

And so to 'the damage'.. when the power returned our server died, we had to call Pawel, our resident computer-doc in and here he is examining the patient. Seems we will need a new server but it's not before time ... and we will also be renewing our database system next week as Ross joins us and we need more user space.

(For those not in the know, our eldest son is joining us full time next week, taking on a whole range of jobs, all the roles we do not have full time posts for but are essential to us getting on and growing the company more.. he is slightly OCD as I have mentioned before so we think he'll love getting to grips with stores / stock taking and also getting to learn on the job, all about our kit so he can go out to visit customers and train them, saving Col precious nights away.. the appeal of nights in a Premier Inn have long gone, unless for the tasty jobs!)

Ross has always fancied working with us, but sometimes you and they have to grow enough for the time to be right to work with your kids...and when he decided to look at a job in car sales, happy to apply himself to that, we grabbed the chance to have him before someone else did!

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  1. What an interesting day and what expensive damage.


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