Friday, 3 February 2012


is the word of the day over at Suzie's 365 challenge. I am short of a 'button' image for yesterday yet, but have plans for that.

Just wanted to say that already at 10.40am 'interaction' is my word of the day for sure!  I checked my emails at 8am and there was my first note from Zac, en route to Los Angeles to pick up passengers for their first 2 week cruise to Hawaii.. yeah, Hawaii.. what's that all about!  I had written an email last evening, had kind of not bothered the first few days as so used to speaking on the phone or texting, email seemed so 'last year'!!

Anyhow Zac sounded really chipper and likes the fact that as part of Deck crew he can go anywhere on the ship!  I missed him then!

Couple of hours later and we had a phone call in the office from Ethel, the sister of our elderly inventor friend without who's contact STS would not exist. Sadly Ethel lost Henry and their elder sister last year and herself had a fall and was in hospital for ten weeks.
But she is the best of everything British, 94 years old, back home, housebound but enjoying the fantastic wildlife she can see in her gorgeous garden and sounding ready to face the year ahead. She is well supported by those around her and I can hear the 'spring in her step' as we her to bits!

Gossip Girls?!
so.. I love 'interaction'.. or is that just plain old 'yapping'... more later and oh here's a pic of me and Sam who works with us, we enjoy lots of interaction three mornings a week when she's in!

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  1. Lots of interactions :) Hope Ethel recovers well!


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