Sunday, 19 February 2012

365/49 Domestic

Well I think the only domestic thing I did yesterday was put on a wash before I went out. It was a great day!

I went to our monthly scrapbooking session, hung out and chatted with everyone and finished my New Year layout, loads of photos of the party and also fell in love with a weathered crackle effect to use on chipboard with acrylic paints. It rained almost all day, but had cleared by the time we left, so no problem to us.  Then we had out Chhristmas / 4th birthday eats at the Dolphin. Sadly a couple of our ladies couldn't be there but we agreed it was a nice social time and we should do it more often... maybe just to natter, or perhaps to see a film or a show.. x

My girl who loves to bake, and the other too had kind of trashed the baking cupboard so I asked for it to be tidied whilst I was out... mm, looks tidy, but still somewhat 'floury' to touch.. oh well if you want a job doing... get them to do it twice?

Today I have tried to make up for yesterady and have done lots more washing cyles, the ironing and tended the sick with breakfast, teas and tablets.. awhh. A soup is simmering for easy tea and back to school tomorrow so the status quo is restored... not actually a favourite state for any of us much.. x



  1. Great snapshots of a day KathiJo I love the look of that soup.

    Thanks for letting me know about the link-up, I obviously can't cope with going out, I did the post last night and didn't post it, so I had to change the date stamp as well (because i'm so control freaky, I have to have a post a day on the right day :) )

  2. wish my cupboard was so tidy. Soup looks good.


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