Sunday, 14 December 2008

One for Ross..

I had some time left at scrapping last weekend and managed to do this lovely single page for Ross and my mum.... his darling Gran. It shows just how great she was to him and to me as a first time mum, always there to chat, listen or just be company for me in the learning years. Funny how things go 'round..

The photo was taken about 20 years ago in Mum's garden in Mousehole, on the old bench in front of the really high leylandi which Phil refused to cut, much to the annoyance of the lady living in the (dark) house next door, and no doubt many others in the centre of Mousehole... and I have NO idea what they all thought when he kept chickens as well!

When I enlarged the picture it came alive and I had to give it the page it deserved.. along with the little pic of Ross blowing his bubbles on the same day. I cut away the leaves on the paper to overlap the picture and used some lovely metallic brown ribbon and card for mounting.

These are the days of our lives..

I chose this Queen song for my music scrap last weekend and really enjoyed working on the LP for the front page..I used greens and oranges in circle shapes to brighten things as I knew I'd have lots of black & white pics.

When I looked through photos I found several old and new ones featuring the same houses at Penberth where Ken & I grew up, and where Dad and his Dad also grew up.

The front page shows the thatched house opposite our home, I hid some other pics of exactly the same spot, and the Penberth Cove sign for the National Trust. On the double layout I used acetates and vellum with the lyrics, the pictures again featured old family photos of Dad & Grandad with colourful pictures of the same spot taken in August when we visited with Colin's Uncle Bill. On the last page I covered a CD with music on vellum and a few new pictures, also one of Kate splashing her feet in Penberth's (always) icey we show 3 generation of my family all on one page.

Mum told me that in the picture of my Dad as a child, he is seen holding a fish, but he didn't like having his picture taken and afterwards hit the photographer with the fish!

..........When we were kids when we were young
Thing seemed so perfect - you know
The days were endless we were crazy we were young
The sun was always shinin - we just lived for fun............

Well away again to Christmas prep... enjoyed the interlude..x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Late night shopping (and photography!)

We went late night (well late afternoon / early evening) shopping in Truro on wednesday and my faithful phone was with me when I saw my latest Christmas diary pic... Kate with a beautiful halo of lights in Victoria Square!
Nearly there with the shopping, always seem to have some last minute things to get, but generally feeling relaxed. Kate had her Cheerleading perfomance at Club2K this eveing and the Leedstown Christmas Lights were turned on (though none of us are much turned on by the gruesome wind and rain!)
Will called from the USA today, they are all geared up to arrive in London on 24th at 10pm and then sleepover and drive down for Christmas Dinner on 25th in the late afternoon....clear the roads.... Will's coming through!

Monday, 8 December 2008

At last photos >>>Scrap pages

At last I have mastered the phone pics and this is one of my favourite scrap pages. It shows a pic of Kate at her last Primary School fete having her face painted. The plan was to use some packaging for inspiration and I used a chocolate cake box to frame the pic which brings out the purple so well.

The other page shows her 3 hours later when she first met little Lilly her new niece, only 16 hours old!

And on the baby pic Kate was wearing a butterfly jumper, and I realised I had the perfect piece of butterfly bag from one of the baby's presents to match that's what Lisa would call proper scrapping!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thanks ASDA for the meme.. a great little ditty Kate and I kept singing to Colin as we shopped yesterday for everything from curtains and paint for the (nearly) newly renovated sitting room, to books and DVDs galore for presents! Poor Colin, he really isn't a Christmas person, but he tries to enjoy us enjoying it!

(Note to selves : no more house changes in December, can't remember a year when Christmas wasn't preceded by a new
roof, new room or a holiday return with only days to get into festive mode!)

Anyways, I am being good, took note of the Just Scrapbooking newsletter and am trying to picture log our Advent time to make a mini book or scrap pages in January. the girls and I made Christmas cake last week and I took JB shopping in Truro (for her birthday treat)., then yesterday we celebrated a visit to St Austell by bringing home dad's favourite.. Domino's Pizza!

Amazing how interesting and craetive a boot full of shopping can look to a Christmas blogger scrapper!

Not to mention Colin and Kate playing bottle top
hockey with Domino's sauces for goals! (and I said he wasn't Christmas man!)

I got the music in me!

Can't believe it was a month ago I last wrote, it's been a busy time but not really worthy of much comment..but we've had a nice weekend and here's the latest ... Had fun day Saturday at Linda's Just Scrapbooking session at the Centre in Newlyn (what a great place they have made there, so welcoming and so well supported)

We had Music as the theme for the day and we used an old vinyl LP and CDs as a base. I chose the Queen track 'These are the days of our lives' and manged to match a bunch of old photos of Dad and Grandad at Penberth with ones I took in August when we were on the way to the Minack with Uncle Bill... came out real nice and the words fitted how I feel about life there so well...

When we were kids when we were young
Things seemed so perfect - you know
The days were endless we were crazy we were young
The sun was always shinin' - we just lived for fun
.........Cos these are the days of our lives
They've flown in the swiftness of time
These days are all gone now but some things remain
When I look and I find no change
....I still love you...

Promise to post the scrapped pages, now my Zacman has showed me how to load my phone pics onto PC (old duffer Mum!)... and for those of you who have read previous posts, Mum's Cornish sun came out on a grey morning as I drove towards Newlyn, and I smiled back.