Wednesday, 1 February 2012

365/32 Accessory.

I've been thinking about this one.. should I photograph my miriad of ear rings and necklaces, my collection of scarves or perhaps my more recently growing number of belts (who cares if you don't have much of a waist, this is a below the belly belt I'm talking about!)

But all the time I come back to my faithful plain silver necklet which I love so much. It goes with everything almost and I wear it most days even though I do try to wear the pretty things everyone buys me. So then to find a picture from my tablet images to show it... and then I realise that to be fair my most important accessory is now my reading glasses, I rarely go without having them perched on my nose or head! ..... ahhh, embrace the onset of the fifties!

As the weather improves I do hope to make this challenge a little more .. err.. challenging, as I really will get a camera out and take the pics especially for the subject.. til then I am cheating, just feeling the need to keep nice and warmed up..awhhhhh x


  1. Love the pic and you are doing so well with this challenge, power to you my friend
    love and hugs

  2. Well, my eye was immediately drawn to the exuberance of this photo, it's blimmin smashing!
    Love the glasses and the necklace is cool too :)


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