Monday, 13 February 2012

365/44 Friendship.

I have really enjoyed watching the evolution of the posts for this prompt... okay, so I should have been concentrating on my work but hey, it's okay, I can't sack myself!

I have a bit of wrangling in my head though as to what I should enter as my photograph. I even looked up 'friendship' definitions in Wikipedia and decided that by that definition one of the people I had been wondering about in the friendship stakes, isn't actually a friend at all....!

We have a pretty large immediate family and work every day with a group of 5 people we share many of our daily ponderings with, but we don't have any specific people we would raise above the rest to be 'best friends' Yes, there are a few great people I know I could call on, any time any day, who's phone calls and emails at times of sadness and joy have been a great comfort but even though we live close we never seem to have or make enough time to meet up like proper friends should.

Like the others in the challenge I think my closest friendships are now internet based, some I scrap with and some I haven't even met, but I know that some of the nicest friends I have came from the scrapbooking group Linda formed 4 years ago this week.  We meet monthly but keep in touch in between and genuinely care about each other.

As my girls have got older and now one of them is a Mum herself and the eldest one left at home is really growing up and a great support for a moany Mum, I really do think my closest girlie friends who I really miss nattering to if they have been busy or are away are my kids themselves..all so different but with their own special places in my heart..haha, now to find a is not keen on the camera and the other is generally on the other side of it!
.. and the boys are even good support for Mum (in case they are reading!)

Me & my girls..!

(ahh here we are.. three years ago almost, a rare find of me and my girls..note to self..photograph the unusual!)

 I sometimes bemoan not having a BFF but maybe the reason is actually because I have such great relationships in my own family that I don't need one really!

(now shut up!)


  1. Ahh- that is so lovely, you must have wonderful daughters!

  2. A lovely post Kathi and one that I could easily copy and paste to my blog. My pair are always top of my list in the friends stakes.
    Like your last sentence best though re the BBF - I too had often thought that but hadn't come up with the conclusion. Thanks. xx

  3. I always find it surprising that although nearly everyone has cameras or camera phones these days, it is nigh impossible to find a photo of all the family together when I need one. I like your reasoning on not really needing a best friend...what better reason could there be?


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