Wednesday, 8 February 2012

365/39 Fence...?

Well as soon as I saw the prompt I knew it was going to be an obtuse picture for me today. Okay, so if I had taken time out to photograph Ross working on some of Pops' fencing, but I have been flat out busy. Now my Col loves a tidy fence, whether it is the wood panel we have running down the edge of the garden or the side of the workshops... but they don't really do it for me... yes, they look neat and tidy, but where fences are involved, this Cornish maid is a bit more of a hedge girl.. you know, the rambling dry stone kind of thing, a little more local here than a fence.

Anyhow, the day progressed and I dashed out of the office mid-afternoon to go get my hair cut.. well the roots done if I am honest, but hey, there is also a scissors involved, so technically I can say 'cut'.  By the time I was done it was almost 7pm and I could see a distinct lack of fence picture featuring in my life today..., as I drove out of town I saw this huge thing in the sky.. if I was in a movie it would have been ET or something, the moon seemed huge and so so close.. if only I had a camera I could photograph it.. over a fence, standing on a fence or perhaps with a nice fence in the foreground? (desperate at this point!) so I followed the moon home, through winter trees, past villages and all the time it seemed to get.. smaller?
Eventually I pulled over and took this on my phone.. and I promise.. there WAS a fence between me and that moon!


  1. Love your post and the story it tells, these prompts are fab for helping us to see the day differently :) Great shot of the moon, what loveliness we have in the winter, and how much better we enjoy the summer for it. I'm glad we are starting this project in the shortest days.

    I prefer a hedge too, seems this devon maid ain't so different from a cornish maid :)

  2. Stunning photo- totally agree that the Cornish walls are a lot more picturesque!

  3. oh, TENUOUS!!!!! Shame on you ha ha. I agree with Jennie's comment - you are seeing the day through new eyes and it's funny to read your sometimes desperate daily attempts to get the snap you need!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think I'm going to have to score this one at a C+, could do better tee hee. Although it's a very lovely lunar pic..............!!



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