Monday, 27 February 2012

365/58 Misty / trees

Well Suzie didn't reckon on there being much mist about today, but hey, this is Cornwall and for those of us who live here it is pretty regular..but at least mist means quiet and no wind or driving rain.. every cloud has a misty lining eh?!

I thought I'd show our monkey tree, it is the mainstay of our garden, everything around it changes but not the tree. This view is from our front door, which is kind of the back door as we always enter the house from the yard behind.. but when you stand back it is definitely the front of the house. When we bought the house the garden was so overgrown and the house had a deep dressing of ivy. It was sad to remove it all but it harboured so many bugs which ended up in the house!

Well, it will definitely be a changing view over the year, the hedge at the back fills right up and makes the garden really private in the summer..


  1. I love monkey puzzle trees.

  2. Monkey puzzle trees are my hubbie favourite tree

  3. I can't see you through all this west country mist lol
    I love monkey puzzle trees too, our local park has one and I used to love sitting under it, I love to sit under any trees actually. I love trees full stop, I think they are as magical as anything is.


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