Friday, 24 February 2012

365/55 Cloud.

Well there was a blanket of it over Cornwall all day today so I toyed with a blank entry or even a 'day off', but I know we have a lot of lovely sky pictures we have taken over the last few years and so I thought I'd share some.

Jordan took this one whilst on a Sail training week, then she Picassed it, showing promise for photography way back then, must have been two or three years ago..

.. but I guess this is one of my favourite recent pics (and I may have posted before) but how many blues can you paint into one picture, only nature itself has the full pallete..


  1. Oh Kathi, these have cheered me up, those cornish clouds are over devon as well as my photo will show :)
    Yours and Jordan's are much better and much more interesting.

  2. Gorgeous pictures and these colors are splendid !

  3. Jordan is very talented. wish i was sitting in 3rd one


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