Friday, 13 September 2013

Ticking boxes.

I love to get an imaginary list in my head and see the ticks in the boxes. I think I even create a list of things I know I will get done easily just to have that satisfaction!  There is currently quite a list as we leave home tomorrow for the 8am train to London and fly BA over the 'D.C.' to 'visit' with family and friends. I am getting quite excited though I have yet to pack..anything! (Again there is an imaginary list being written)

It's been a busy couple of weeks, Col away on big client visits, a night away for my birthday and several lovely calls from Zac as it was also his birthday on 5th.  He is doing good, looking forward to coming home in a week, meeting us as we land from our whistle stop trip to the States.

Kitchen-gate is almost over, the new one is just about there; carpet fitted yesterday so only some tiling to get done but that doesn't really make it any better or worse does it.  we have decided to re-plaster some of the rotten bits of the old kitchen so that bit has been left 'red' and is a job for October.

The carpet was a bit of a surprise, it's hard to carry in your head how the stripes on a a small rectangle will look in a 4m wide roll.. and we all thought we were in a visual illusion for a bit when it got laid  but a sofa and couple of drawer units will put that right.  I am also very happy that my huge table is now looking much more in proportion down the dining end and who knows it may survive to see another Christmas and another, complete with pva glue and glitter from the sticking and gluing we all plan to do once we are back on lazy mode.. and when IS that?

I shall try and post some of my news as we visit Uncle Bill and Deborah and our great pals Will & Michele in the USA. Well. although it is a break i should get access to some blog time, maybe even chance to share some more profound thoughts of life in a slower (not at home and working) lane!

Oh and I even managed to pre-schedule my challenge post for Monday over at Lucky Snappers.. hope you enjoy xx

PS Nicknames Anne.. ummm.. my best story is of Col's Mum who used to know a guy who worked with his dad as Louie the Lip because he was always in a fight and had a fat lip.  She brought him out a cup of tea whilst they were working and called 'Louie, your tea is here'. 
He didn't answer..she called agin, only to be hushed by ken... mainly because everyone else called him Louie the Lip but he didn't know!