Tuesday, 28 February 2012

365/59 Grey.

When I mentioned to Jordan what Suzie's prompt for today was she asked me if she may be a little depressed... mmm, grey / misty / rain... so we're hoping that March will bring some brightness all round.

It's hard to find an interesting 'grey' in today's happenings. The weather, (still bland and miserable) my fridge and freezer (?) , my girl's favourite of all my outfits (and no, I'm not going up to get changed just for a photo..) ..

...so here it is, my black / grey spot craft bag and a bag from my favourite of shops, especially knowing there is a nice new cardi in there I have yet to give an outing! Funny, you know you are a fully fledged grown up when you buy new clothes and they stay in the bag a couple of weeks before you start to wear and get enjoyment from them... it's a children of the 60's thing I think, where you had to savour the wait and then have the new item as 'best' for the appropriate amount of time before it became regular wear! I have still got many 'best clothes' items in my wardrobe which never got the right occasion to get full utilisation before going out of fashion.. we never learn it seems, and sadly I have passed the inclination on to my girls.. well one of them..

.. so, the boys are out, easy tea for J and Pops and me.. and I'm a poet!!.. and off to do a little scrapbooking..third time in a week.. go girl!


  1. don't know what is inside but lovely bag !!!

  2. It does look a lovely bag- looks like it must be a great place to shop!

  3. two great bags, as a non shopper I'll go for the craft one!

  4. I must confess I have clothes in my cupboard that are still waiting for the right occasion too.

  5. Ooh that looks a posh bag!
    Lol, no, I'm not depressed :D I was trying to link the daily words the weekly theme on UKScrappers, which is weather! English winter does tend to be a bit drab and grey. Hopefully some more cheerful words coming up!


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