Saturday, 11 February 2012

365/42 Portrait of a loved one.

Well with all the children I have (five for those who don't want to hunt back and work it out!) I can't really feature one of those, they already vie for who is favourite.. well, actually the girls do!  And then there is my Col. He is not really the kind of posing guy who would let me get a portrait, so maybe this little snapshot will give you a better reflection of him (I can see those who know him smiling already)

He's a real hard working guy, devoted to us all but so good at making things happen and taking charge. But our nice leather sofas are way too soft for his bad back so whenever he gets chance of an evening he lays out. We love stand-up comedy and so many of the one-liners suit us and make us laugh every day.

If you should be a fan of Micky Flanagan suffice to say that whilst I am multi tasking this is what he likes to do.....**** ***! (you can fill in the blanks!).... kids these days just don't know how to chill!

And as a little PS this is the closest to a family portrait we would remember of my Dad. He would have been 90 on Thursday this week. This picture featured in The Grower in 1966 or so, when they did a piece on him violet growing.

Mum loved this pic and got copies of it from the photographer after he died, which was only a few years later.  It was just how he was, having a chat with a friend and telling the guy with a camera to go for a run!


  1. I love it.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, great that you have that nice memory of him :)

  2. What a lovely natural photo of hubby. Your dad sounds lovely.

  3. The men in our lives always hold a special place in our hearts.xx

  4. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing

  5. Lovely photos - the one of your dad must be so special to have.


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