Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Fun..still Learning.

Well I had Lyla for a few hours this afternoon and we played skittles with these lovely inflated skittles from Avon. She let me have a go and was so happy that I managed to knock a skittle down. She clapped and shouted 'Well Done Nannie'

I guess I learned that kids can have fun and show their delight when it is someone else's success they are celebrating as well as it being all about them.  Worth remembering sometimes as it is easy to think kids are hard work!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Quick one in retrospect.
I learnt today that it is really hard deciding on colour schemes and that everyone seems to have a different idea!

The bathroom is almost finished but I need to choose colour for the wood and also the carpet. A splash of colour suggest the buildEr, blue says Colin and red said one of the girls because they know I love it .. everywhere!

But Coffee Bean is what we plumped for..With coral and coffee towels so there will be the splash of colour.. except that the towels will be inside the cupboards!

Carpet to find tomorrow! Fitting Tuesday.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Well I am here again. I want to share a great picture from last week.

Col and I had been on a splash and  dash week to the sun.. and how lovely that turned out to be.. warmth of an early British summer and most importantly reliably so.. Tenerife .. all inclusive relaxing and G&T before noon.. just what the doctor ordered.  I had ticked all the boxes and done as much work as possible so not too many glitches to leave for everyone so I was as happy as Col to relax.

Whilst there I had a note asking if Kate wanted to be in a photo shoot the evening we got home.. In Plymouth..which meant a drive home from Btistol Weds and then back up there for 6pm.  Of course she would be interested .. and that's what we did.. A whole bunch of girls getting their faces made up and then photographed be used in a anti human trafficking promo on a specialist TV channel.

The girls were lovely and we all enjoyed the chat, the coffee and the choccy biscuits...despite a drive in horrid rain and Plymouth rush hour! This is how Kate looked .. she was happy to have this done and also happy for me to show this here ..not on Facebook though!
The idea is that the person is a human not a commodity..hence the bar code.

It was a good lesson for Kate that in modelling it may not all be big hair and posh outfits ..and I learnt that she is happy to be included here for my family blog .. xx

Tonight's picture too.. We have the fire lit again and it has brought our sitting room to life again after the summer.

Monday, 25 November 2013

What I learned this week..Monday

Well I am trying to blog from my new phone and hope it is easier and less glitch free than my last one! know I have been pretty useless at blogging in recent months.. lack of computer in the kitchen, building works and generally lots happening.. just how I like it really.
Lynn has challenged us to show a picture each day and talk about how we always learn something every day..

My picture is of the salad I made for our lunch. It has so many ingredients and is very spicy with chilli salt, jalapenos, capers and anchovies!  I forgot to add tuna but hoped Col wouldn't notice and told the girls so as I left the house.

I learnt that Kate loves to bubble you up .. she told Col about the lack of tuna and when he came out to the office he nonchalantly noted there was no tuna... I knew Kate had bubbled me up! Mainly because he couldn't keep a straight face!

Zac is on the phone to Colin as I write. Hope he will enjoy seeing more new for home ... oh and my Jordan has started baking in earnest..she is doing Country Markets and local fares. .and she has started her blog and face booking for it too. .Cornish Cakes and Bakes on FL.

(this would have been just fab except that I wrote it on the challenge blog instead of my own.. I stand corrected!!)