Saturday, 31 August 2013

Time flies! Picture heavy post!

I feel so bad for not joining into the challenge I set, I had so much to say about jobs and things and this week I love B&W pictures, Lynne's prompt was so clever.
i have added in some of my pics and hope they link in okay.

But we have just had a really busy time of it. I can't quite put my finger on what we have been doing but here I am two weeks later and no posts with news since 18th..

Soooo.. Kate got her GCSE results!  She did good.  My main aim was for her to get the C or above in Maths & English so she wouldn't have to slog away at these again once she starts the beauty course.  Well there was that B for maths in the bag last November so I was hopeful and sure enough she made the English a C and the box is ticked.   She got B equivalents in double dance and then a bunch of Cs in Science, Textiles and Childcare.  

I am a happy bunny, she had some teen angst (read boyfriend troubles) all through the exams so it must have been her coursework which pulled her through (not like in our day when it meant you had to 'pass' exams and wrote til your arm ached essays for about three hours at a time)

She is fun.. the other day she was saying that we should have a mother / daughter tattoo! So I go along and chat about it, no intention really...but as we left for her results i threw into conversation that the tattoo was a Go if she got an A .. now you have to realise I know how much she studies and my skin is safe!But she did get an A* in one piece of Childcare, I think coursework, but for me it shows that if she ever did want to turn on the exam ability then she does have it.

For now though she has 4 different jobs.. working at the Chinese, the Chippy, an Avon round and a few nights at the Indian which is next to the Chinese.. anyone in her town will definitely look twice when she pops up at the next eatery! She has a good work ethic and will never go without, I am content.

..these pictures of her prom day really do look different in B&W.. I had to use the 'overexposed' edit on my phone so it makes them quite extreme!

We have had the girls over quite a bit, April does a great job entertaining them, home made play dough, gardening, little sleeping beds for Joey the cat (who they were both terrified of a couple of months ago!)

Jordan has done her bit, she is baking Auntie!  Lyla is turning very funny while Lilly is quite mature and takes the big sister (disapproving sometimes) role quiet seriously!

We have eaten outside quite a bit and the kitchen is close (we had a bit of a glitch with the adjustment needing a fresh eye ) and Col just needs to do the plumbing in for me..

oh and here is an alternative August Mount View.. I was down there one evening and they floodlit the castle so this is another sad phone shot!

Just to keep it posted and up to date.. this is the local paper bit about Jordan and her pals..note that she has already inherited the Jones trait of 'relevant information / BS' as her A in Fine Art was an AS and she left out mention of her less satisfying English!  She will go far in sales and blarney xxxx

Lastly these shots of Col & his dad with Annabelle one evening when we had the girls over.. again a not great effect mode on my phone as I have no PC indoors to tweak pics on at the moment!

.. definitely a different viewpoint when you look at the two pictures Lynne x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

What a week!

Anne prompted us this week to photograph the irrelevant, but my week has been so busy with the important and people I know and love that there's not much irrelevant in there!  So, a few pics and also an update of a few of my views overdue from last week.. it should keep Zac up-to-date as well..

After our lovely evening with pals down on hols, we spent a few hours out on the boat Friday from 12-4 and the weather definitely turned on the charm. 

An hour later Col had interviewed and hired a new welder, so he was a happy bunny, then we met same friends for supper.. Jb came too and I took some lovely pics.. Pizza Express cheesecake and her and Col. 

It's only 7 months since her birthday but she has grown in so many ways in that time.

It was a little celebration too as she got her A level results Thursday  two A* for photography and graphics , a D for English  (but she was on the wane with that so was happy enough since she almost dropped it anyways..) oh and an A for AS Fine Art, proud of that as she has never found 'drawing' per se easy and had to work hard to develop a style.. 

It's very exciting for her really as she has decided not to go the Uni route and has even decided against a year at college doing extra Art choices, mostly as this again is a route to Uni and there is always a lot of pressure and presumption which can be quite wearing I think.
anyway, she has a job, has applied for another and has plans to save and probably get herself into the catering business next year, not sure of the specifics but she works hard, enjoys it and learns lots... go Girl, even I am excited for her that she has a blank canvas and can please herself, so many kids just don't have the guts and confidence to give that a go and find themselves at the same limbo state three years later.. we shall see..

August view updates!

August Window View.
 This is the view from where my original Window View was taken. Col is very busy and away a lot so we are not moving everything into the new kitchen til he has done the plumbing and we can use it for real!  

The ceiling needs painting and the old kitchen remains untidy and overdone, so I am showing the view that way too.. urghh!

We have painted the middle room magnolia (well April did) and I think the end room may go that way too, it does look lighter even though I LOVE my red!
August Yard.. Still Skippy, Zac's car awaiting his return.. awhh.. xx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday..Fun, Fishing plus..

F is for Friday, fishing and a fun afternoon with some pals.

Also my August Mount view!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

W for ..Wednesday

Gluten free cake!
and JB made a Wheat-free cake for Colin's Dad's birthday. 

It is his 80th next year and he is having one of our Fancy dress parties, theme will be Pops or the Eighties.. Pops will bring us all kinds of craziness.. CocoPops, Pop goes the weasel and then the 80's icons, should be fun! He is so nimble it doesn't seem right to have a cream tea afternoon or quiet event!

Happy Birthday Pops!

Irrelevant Letters of the week..M~T

Monday : Mirror!

Kate returned from the Boardmasters festival. She had only once snuck back to a pal's for a shower and hairwash. the first two nights were a bit hard but the third night was a proper good 'do' and she is keen to have some more!

She had lots of tales, one about having her bags searched for guns and drugs.. she said to the guy (or thinks she said) 'Look at me, I am a blonde and you have confiscated my mirror.. do you really think I have guns in my bag!'

this is the way she left at 7am Friday..

     and this is how she returned..

Tuesday: Tuna..

.. also sausages and burgers for a barbecue with some friends who are staying in St Ives.
I feel like I have been eating or thinking about eating for the past week! 

Col loves to make a fire!

Today is Pop's birthday and he was looking to go out but I think most of us are low on eating maybe just some of the lovely Gluten Free cake JB has made.. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

More views..

Well this is the current status.. my wonderful SIL is sanding the ceiling in the middle room (which did have the 'window view') and then we will be able to move into the kitchen for real.  We have to take the old one out and fit some proper carpet which may be a week or three but next week I shall definitely move the 'stuff', We have already debated the whys and wherefores of where baking / jars/ tins etc should go so I will be well prepared!

(Mind you, the jury is still out on the splashback, the quoter (joker) wanted £1500 for it.. ummm.. nah, tiles methinks!)

Almost there, my new view from the back door!

The old 'window view' ...ahhhhh Happy Bunny x
We spoke with Zac this morning, he is keeping tabs on life at home through here so it is just so worthwhile.. and you know how I love it when a plan comes together.. we arrive home from our US trip 90 minutes before he arrives from Seattle .. so we can drive home together.. nice x

Kate has departed for the festival, tanned, nice nails and a tent to put up.. or direct the boys to put up.. i took a pic of her and her friend before they left and will take one on Monday when they return.. that will make a great layout! ;-)

Super evening last night, Lisa and gang, JB and Dom and Pops and his friend, food, chat, laughs and JB's vanilla cheesecake with passion fruit.. YAY!  Lilly is so tired after three weeks of summer camp, but she is writing so well, a little bored maybe as she seems to be perfecting the art of writing backwards as if you read it in a mirror.. hell, not bad at 5, but Mum wasn't so sure I should tell her how clever it was!! 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

August views.. in part!

Jen is being great setting us some daily prompts but I still have no indoor PC and find blogging impossible on a tablet, so it's a phone/ hotmail/ work sneaky blog this week..I am away a couple of nights so may have to catch up late on Sunday..

Lots going on all the time in our house; April is looking after Lyla a few days while big sister is at 'Camp', she loves that by the way and is only just 5 years old, so so gregarious our Lilly!   
Kate is off to Boardmasters Festival for the weekend and we have no worries about the vices of the surfers festival as we think she will take so long getting ready she won't be able to party much (yeah, right!)  I am a little cautious about the whole thing but give them enough rope and hopefully they will use it to secure the tent!! ;-)  We have tried to give her the best prep and she has made sure her nails are done and the tan, plus she has a mirror and wetwipes packed, ... cushty!

August Sofa View! (sisters...!)
Lisa and the crew are coming by for a barbecue this evening, I took these pics when she came by yesterday, an up-to-date on 'Chubber' Annabelle and even got Lisa & Kate on the sofa view!!   

Little Pops
Annabelle August 7 months

Lyla & JB 

This morning Jordan was about to start baking passion fruit cheesecakes but had a nice cuddle with Lyla first..the girls are really having a great time, all growing up amongst such fab Aunties..

Well that's me for the minute, more pics later.. will surely find Lilly with a 'stone' for todays prompt!  Still the Mount and Porthcurno views to do yet.. oh and kitchen update.. are you all on tenderhooks???

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Busy days..

No completed kitchen yet, the drawers and hinges are quite painstaking so it is kind of taking a while, but every day it gets closer. I am thinking next week now as the floor needs to be covered before we can put down even a temporary carpet.. but what is another week on 15 years of waiting to replace that grim porch/ back kitchen!

Photos to follow and I am failing in jen's daily prompts, having no PC indoors

 and sending phone pics to my hotmail, blah blah.

But we have had a fresh food bonanza, lots of salads and fruit.. this is April's fruit salad she made for tea yesterday, I have had it for breakfast and lunch today also, maybe a token offering to that clever 5:2 diet I read about (shhhh about the jam doughnut though)
..and in Ben Krupka's gorgeous bowl too xx

And this is April's decorating of Kate's latest fancy, a big sponge cupcake, made and ready to eat before you realise she has started!

Weather?  We had rain like stair rods..

Green.. the colour Lilly's fingers will be if she spends much more time in the garden with 'Little Pops'...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Limbo Saturday..

Kind of waiting for the evening as we are going out so trying not to weary ourselves before we go!  So I did a trip to Tesco (we always seem to need food..!), put washing on and made some lunch ... then a sit in a breezy but very warm garden.

Dropped a note to Zac, so far away but as close as a computer I guess.. thought of taking a picture of Pop's flowers and thought this empty chair might let Zac know that I miss him.. we all do.

This is where his ship is as I write...

This is where he was earlier this week, probably part way through a 4-8 watch, the sun rising over Alaska while I sat in my office.

Mum always said 'as close as the phone', today I guess it should be 'as close as ...a broadband connection' 


Friday, 2 August 2013

Needs a little imagination..

So I have red worktop, cream wall cupboards, a hob and hood and those bluey covered cabinets..

.. but if you use a little imagination and peel off the blue it will be great!

Only trouble now is that the fridge freezer appears ro be 60/40 with 70/30 doors.. nothing that can't be dealt with.. quickly though I hope!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

No.. it's not blue!

The guys worked on the kitchen all day and it's really taking shape.. in the showroom the one I chose was cream, next to a pale airforce blue colour one in the same theme, it looked a bit like a dental lab. 

This is how the kitchen greeted me yesterday, for a split second I thought they had sent me the blue doors ... but how cool was i? I said nothing and thought, Oh well, it looks okay...then I realised it was a blue protective film.... and breathe!

 My window view for August and the rest of the year will be great to share..xx