Sunday, 28 June 2009


...and not letting Jordan's word play going unmentioned..a couple of years ago we were shopping in the Co-op and I was heading for one of the tills, all very busy.
JB suggested another till, I told her it was closed and hey presto, a girl came and opened it up.

'There you are..' said Jordan..
......................................'I'm psychopathic'

Priceless kids..

So, the girls, 14 and 12 were doing their usual bickering and one-upmanship during our evening meal and Colin was lightheartedly trying to improve the quality of the conversation by asking them various questions, like 'What do you think about the situation in Iran'...etc. , not really expecting great opinions, but trying to deflect the warfare!

Conversation did improve, and Kate our youngest told us about the film she saw at school, 'Boys in the Striped Pyjamas'. Further chat with JB and Zac drawing on history facts about the 2WW etc, and I'm thinking ahh, gee, aren't they good, being so .... and Kate then chipped in with this little gem.....

'You know Fab lollies....?
.........they have different flavours which really don't go together'

follow that anyone..she really is priceless.?

Das boat!

Not quite an ordinary week by any means...Col was away visiting customers on south coast, and made small (?) sortie to Essex to view, and (after short discussion and agreement from me and our mate Simon) to buy a boat!

Col has loved boats as long as I've known him and for years before, and we often say how sad it is we live so close to the coast yet spend so little time on the water... (we are all a bit yuck about the beach, in the early years none of the kids liked to feel the sand under their feet, and as they grew older we didn't expose them to it enough to make them feel much different... Ross has only become the surf-lover he is since he could get himself there!)

Not only that but many of the local beaches are chuck-a-block in summer and you have a long walk and doggie-do dodging etc before we arrive there with everything bar the kitchen sink.. (you see we have never mastered the art of off-the-cuff beaching)....and being a cove-girl at heart the rocks and bays have always been a bigger draw than a sandy resort...I especially love the idea of sitting off the boulders of St Loy and being able to swim in, something I remember from childhood.

Well Crazy Fish had her first trip today, just a tester but she did well in slightly choppy weather in the bay. She's a bit of a panty-wagon of a boat, 18 foot, with plush seats.. and carpet?! But is easy to maintain, tows well and perfect for the kids and adults alike.... kids cos the girlies are on posey sunbathe mode and us adults cos we are well past 40 and our backs will enjoy the padding rather than hanging on for dear life on the tubes of an inflatable.. oh, and dear Zac, he will just love having something else technical to become smart at!

Would post a pic but left phone at Lisa's last eve.. doh! Still, off to CentreParcs tomorrow, a new adventure for most of us, but promises to be cool...xx....oh, found one on an ad.. here she is..

(Title reference to much chat in office amongst our guys about what a great film that was..),, and hey Frans, come on over, we can go sailing..well, as good as...

Monday, 22 June 2009

The card..

Here's the card Jordan made, she even stitched it..I haven't even done any of that on my pages yet!

Had nice day... went to local Car Boot in the morning with Col's Dad and Lisa, Lilly and Kate..then home to watch British GP... so sedate and processional a race that the late night caught up with me and I sloped off to my 2pm.... unheard of, but it was a real big weary-on....maybe the greetings should have read 'Mother's Day'!!

Woken at 4.30 though by the sound of Kate venturing out on one of our little motorbikes....the Barbie girl goes tom-boy! Ross and his girlfriend called by, their first 'visit' since they moved in together, and we sat and drank tea and talked of all things domestic, like immersion heaters, fire alarms and roast dinners!

Evening was good too, watched Col's pressie from Zac & Lisa.. the film Valkarie..good film, no CGI and pleasant way to spend it with 3 generations of Jones men....Col, his Dad and Zac...xx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father's Day!

After 18 months suffering with his back and two operations last year, it was really good to see Colin back out on his bike last evening.... I mentioned to Kate that he was out and all a-matter-of-factly she said 'He's just brilliant'.....he really does seem to be another person when he's all motocrossed-up, and he must have been going fast enough 'cos every time I went to take an action shot, all I got was dust where he had passed me by!

It made me think of one of my first scrap layouts, about a year ago...Linda gave us the theme of 'Reasons why I love you'...I was only a beginner then and wanted to scrap my favourite pics from around the house, and I chose several of Colin... on a motocross bike with Ross, 16 years ago, working on a dive-boat and mending an engine in the sun when they did a shipwreck job in the Maldives(!).

I discovered then my love of chipboard letters and unexpectedly the colourscheme was pink, orange and lime green.. well, quite manly if you ever saw motocross gear in the 90's !

Happy Father's Day Col, lovely to know you're having fun again.. and it does it for me to see you fighting that bike..x

P.S. JB's been busy working on a card for Col, all her own work, she has stitched it, chalked it and found a perfect verse. She's even managed to use some of my stuff I haven't even used yet, and said to me 'you'd love me to do scrapbooking with you wouldn't you?' Mmm sure would, could use someone in the house nudging me into action!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Baby, baby!

The waiting is over!
Pawel and Agnes have now got their little (or not so little) Spartan! I text Pawel about an hour ago to see if they were doing okay at the hospital, he text me back to say...

'baby born naturally at 19.34. 3 and 9 Kg (8lb 9oz to us), has hair long like daddy, we all well'

We can't wait to hear your story guys, and so happy it went well, it is such a worry when you're waiting to join the non-so-exclusve-club and everyone has their own tale to tell....

Welcome to the world little boy Lulek! it Jakub?
I'm off to bed with a celebratory glass of port! ... xxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

By the way...

... still no real sign of little Spartacus...but Pawel reckons 'the gate is open'.. in his best Polish English!.. def looking forward to a warm glass or two of port once he makes his appearance....

Oh and here's the 'default face' picture from the page I did for our group album....reminded about this when I read Janice's note today and her self-portrait layout....

My song..

This is the accompanying page to Uncle Bill's photo below.. when I saw his pic I just knew these two would make a great double page layout... especially as each of them is my 'picture for Mum'.

I originally blogged this photo on its own back in January when this glorious 'Morning had Broken' for me too..

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Moments in Time..

Uncle Bill took this great photo on May 2nd, while he was in the States and we were here in Cornwall.

It was a single moment on a day we will all remember. I felt it deserved the attention which I hope this page and all its elements have given it.


Speed challenge!

Sometimes you just know the pictures will make a great page! I had 45 minutes left so decided to do this great set of pics as a speedscrap challenge. Linda had a design challenge (below) on her newsletter and I used that for inspiration...

The background paper was from Stamping Up and had just the right combination of colours ! It certainly made the whole process faster to matt all the photos on the same sheet. Luckily I had just the right letters left.. and also the little tab from Next to remind us which shop we were in!

And all complete in 30 mins!

London calling!

Loved the colours in these pics Colin took of Kate in Selfridge's Jelly Belly and sweet heaven on her birthday...I used the Glimmermists Linda brought to give a gated feel to show it was London, and had been keeping the Accessorize sweetie stickers for just this layout...Linda was also impressed that I conceded defeat to my dislike of 'painting' and candy striped the watercolours on the text!

Couldn't leave out the boys and their love of all things engineering, hence the photos taken on the London Eye.. trouble is Jordan was behind the lens again as usual!

I still have some work to do on this one, but call it a 'work in progress'!


Well we had an extended day at Just Scrapbooking on Saturday, ran from 10 til 7pm and I was exhausted.... not sure if it's the racing about to get there / walking about / standing up/ cake eating / social chatting or just the relief at getting a good lot of scrapping done, but I was good for nothing that night and all day Sunday.
We're now on Tuesday and I still feel lethargic, though the depressing greyness in the weather can't help... had two trips to a very good (but still daunting for all us children of the 60's) new dentist for the kids and even thier great attitude has not served to reduce the stress I feel at even setting foot inside such a place!

Anyway.. got 7 lovely pages made up on Saturday, some of them have been brewing in my mind for over a year, but oddly it seems the longer you think the harder it is to see the page come to fruition and be fully happy with it! You decide!.. pics to follow..

PS Or.. is it the onslaught of hormones...mix that with two teenage daughters and a young mum close by and it could be fireworks.. or maybe just a DVD and a large box of chocolates.. sorry dentist!
PPS Just realised.. been trying to cut out cakes and biscuits for two's sugar deprivation!