Saturday, 20 April 2013

April views..

I am prolific blogger tonight..just shared a whole bunch of music nostalgia right here..... running a little behind, but here are my April views .. indoors is pretty untidy at the moment, all the porch junk is in the dining end, things like the ironing board and shopping bags litter the place.. you can just see the brickwork coming on outside the window.. next month should show the wall knocked down and maybe even the new room and all the light it promises.  I am really looking forward toa  good clean and tidy up in May when we are close to being sorted! 
The yard view for April is pretty huge.. Col likes to keep the work guys warm and busy, with no excuse that 'rain stopped play' so he has a roof put on the scaffolding, and sure enough there is no down time.. and hey, we found some fab builders.. yes, they do exist!
We are having three Velux and a sun light so I am not missing that summer evening sun which I covet so much...

Nostalgia tracks..

Well the week has flown by again and even as host this week it has been hard to get and blog (especially as I do not have sound on my office PC) here I am! 

We have had a great week, finished in good time several days and went for a walk by the sea at Marazion and in St Ives, just makes for a nicer end to the day than falling across the yard from office to cooking the tea!  Col is cooking me a meal this evening, it's our 21st wedding anniversary on Tuesday and we both feel it is kind of special this year, maybe as the kids are older and it's the start of some more us-time?

My Bonnie..
This is one of the first songs I remember. My great Aunt Elsie who was like a stand-in Gran to me was always singing it to me and in turn I sang it lots to JB and Kate when they were young... they loved it too..

Auntie Elsie also used to sing me this.. she was from Northumberland and her lilt was perfect and it brought back memories when there was a series called 'When the Boat Comes In'..I liked this video too.. guess this is why she sang it me..

So, I got older, my brother had big influence on the tunes which stayed with mefrom my early years.. like this one .. Bits & Pieces. I used to bang on the wall to let him know it was on.. it may not even have been his favourite, who knows!

So I grew up to a teenager and a new influence, my pal Teddy from over the road.. he again was a bit older and didn't really have conventional pop music alongside my love for David Cassidy,  I loved and still shiver at the opening bars of Life on Mars and pretty much anything David Bowie turned out in the early 70's.. yes I just felt it again!!!

Thriough my Uni years and early days of motherhood I kind of went with the flow, loved most things once I had been exposed to them for a while.. Madonna, Cher, Eurythmics etc..but then once again my kids got older and some of their much played tracks have stayed with me and despite some troubled years with teens the theme songs they played don't hurt at all... Pink's Family Portrait..and Trouble  ..

Life relaxed a little and I loved, all on my own Norah Jones and Adele.. yeah, predictable current stuff.. 

... oh and I cannot, just cannot end this offering without two or three of the most moving songs I have in my life.. I won't get into details but they both move me..

and last but by no means song for Zac..never far from home my love..

... just love them all...... hope you guys do too.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Vulnerable..draw on your reserves.

Over at Lucky Snapping here.. Anne has asked us what we do when we feel Vulnerable..

What do you do when you feel vulnerable, what do you eat, what do you say, how do you dress, whom do you talk to, what do you avoid doing, what do you do much more ?

Do you dress in bright colors, do you go clubbing, do you hibernate, do you go for long walks, do you cuddle your Teddy in your PJs all day, do you read a book, do you raid your local supermarket for chocolate, do you look at yourself in a mirror and do faces ?

We all have our own small things we do to try and feel better and I would like we share them with each other, as we never have too many ways of trying to feel better, do we ?

This week, we open a massive savings account ( at least one that won't go bust, LOL) and we all deposit our little secret remedies. At the end of the week, we all will feel richer and more prepared to fight grey days, would they come.

I like the idea Anne has of banking good feelings and suggestions for when we feel low and vulnerable. I don't think I have as many of these days as I did when I had teenagers, money worries and dependant elderly relatives...perhaps when I do have a low day I look back and remember what a really low day was... but I am also grateful for those experiences as they put today and other people's worries and problems into perspective..

Funny too, Col always liked a comment he heard on the radio, someone was asked the secret of a great marriage.. it's all about banking the love and  great feelings when you have them and drawing on them when life brings stresses and frustrations which may mean you don't get on so well.. I think we all have days when we have to draw on the love bank to make us feel like we love the other one as much as yesterday..
.. so I guess the vulnerable days can be counteracted by  bank of good vibes too?

I think ticking some boxes is one of my ways to get back on the horse.. get busy, clean up, tidy, put some order back in and see the fruits of my efforts.. (I am not hot on housework and have inherited from my Mum the enjoyment of a good tidy which can actually be noticed rather than being on the case all the time and never having a thing out of place..)

I have mentioned it before but cannot leave it out.. in the summer I love to top up my reserves with a trip 'out west', preferrably on the boat, but failing that just for a visit.  The granite of the cliffs out towards Land's End remind me how some things will always remain constant, like your history and where you really came from, where you feel you's like some kind of spiritual reserve.. knowing that when I am there it has hardly changed in 50 or 500 years..and that for me gives me a link to my past which was all too short..

 It's interesting that as I look through all my pictures I realise two things more.. that most of best ways to stock up is to go to the sea anywhere, in fact just recall days there, perhaps through revisiting my scrapbooks..

If I were a salmon this is where I would be heading..

Kuredu, memories of hot sunny evenings, always beside the sea..
I have one other way to lift the spirits.. but I am setting that now as a follow on for next week's challenge.. so see you there tomorrow!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Land of the Living! Views..

Just saying Hi and yes I am in the land of the living! Just not blog land!

We have had family home for two weeks, the Easter break and a couple of nights away, plus my admin lady has been on long break so I have had to work too!

Love to all, I will be posting my challenge and a mega catch up tomorrow evening! Loves K x

In the meantime, whilst I have a moment here are some of my views to catch up...        

Annabelle April 3 months!

April Mount, still grey days here!

Uncle Ross & Lilly chillin' Easter Sunday after Roast!