Sunday, 5 February 2012


Sometimes at the weekend we try to get to see a film, it's generally on a Sunday evening, in a rush to fit it in before the week starts again, but today I suggested we went in the afternoon, then we would still have time for relaxed tea and for Col to get ready for his week's trip off we went to see 'Descendants' starring George Clooney. He is not on my 'laminated list' (Friends fans will get that!) but he could well be a reserve..mmm, shall have to firm up on that list one of these days..hahahah

So, how was it?... we actually really liked it, a good film, a mix of sadness and well placed humour which appealed to us as parents of growing kids I think, and best of all there was no CGI. Unless of course they weren't really in Hawaii!  Of course we were slightly extra interested as Zac will be in Hawaii next week.. typically island windy but more built up than maybe I expected, but some spectacular scenery too.. and oh, the warmth..x

One of the interesting comments that was made we liked.. give your kids enough to be able to do stuff, but not so much that they can do nothing.... good one..x

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  1. sounds like I should pre-order this. Thanks for the review and I do hope he wins something at the oscars xx


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