Friday, 25 April 2014

Phew! Easter news.. Spring views

I can't believe it's two weeks since I last wrote and then fleetingly. Hopefully it is a sign that I have lots of nice things going on here.. I will leave you to judge! At least I am not hanging around bemoaning the lack of news..though I did find an hour to start a new book and sat by my back door in the sun out of the wind..

Last weekend was Easter and we started out thinking we had 4 work free days and no plans.. but then I remembered!

Jordan was doing a Food Fayre in Penzance with her close baker friend and April and I helped them by manning the stall on Sunday.... there was a high amount of baking behaviour going on around our place on the Friday, not least of all when Jordan's oven decided to die spectacularly half way through Friday..

...cue a visit to buy more ovens.. Colin went off the conventional route and me and Jordan unexpectedly came across a guy who had one to sell when I went along to Pendeen to see a new market opening for her..this is the deli oven she will get delivered tomorrow.. it's fab.. old but fab.. 

I have taken a few pictures for Spring Views but need to collate them.. 
Spring Sky at the Mount 

Spring food favourites..

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter holidays..

... are always more exciting for the school children than for the parents who wonder how a holiday came round again so soon!

I have had some Lyla time and last Friday I fetched Lilly from Savvy Spring camp, we went for ice cream at Mr. B's in Hayle.. I chose licquorice and blackcurrant.. just how grown up is that!

On Saturday the three girlies came to sleepover and that they did.. only one up at 5.30am but otherwise a good sleep.

Have had horrid head cold myself but on the mend.. and the sun is shining!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Chimneys .. and no chimneys

So tonight we went out with our great pals from up north.. to the Fire House in St Ives and this was our view...

..but earlier today I went to Tesco in Camborne and right next door at the site of the old Holman's site are these doll's houses without chimneys and roofs with no broken lines.
They look like Lego houses or something unreal you would never want to live in! After all a real fire or at least the hint of one is really important

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Of Mothers & Mothering..

I have written a lot about this... about my Mum and my eldest daughter and how life came full circle when my first grand daughter was born only ten weeks before my Mum died. 

It was a crazy time for me, we were very busy, had a good deal of family stress going on with Colin having back surgery and his folks coming up to their Golden Wedding... it was hard to stand still for long and always something to plan or organise..but also people to care for and that could not be rushed.

I came to scrapbooking in that year, 2008, when Mum  had gone into a residential care home and I was keen to utilise some of the space I gained for myself and not just let life in general suck up the moments I would have been caring for her.  I think maybe the moment was then, for those few years when I felt the change in my family position most strongly, becoming the grown-up, making the decisions and having to be the one who 'knew', that I really appreciated the reflective moments making layouts of the photos which caught moments in what I felt was a lovely life.

When Lilly was small Lisa came over one evening and Kate and her pals, aged about 11 asked Lisa how she knew what to do with a baby, was there a book or something?
Lisa told them there was no book.. 'but I can always ask my Mum', and I really liked that.. whatever differences you have between you now and then, you know that you want to try and be how your Mum was..

and I can feel myself being just like my Mum sometimes.. and not always in a good way... 

..when I fuss about the kids doing up their coat or tucking in their shirt!

..when I make them cringe by telling them I love them..

.. when I try to smooth things over when they give each other a sharp retort

.. and when I get a book out to answer a question long long after they got a 3 word answer from Mr Google!

Love you Mum.. and I see you every time that cloud breaks and shows me a silver lining..xx