Sunday, 17 August 2014


The sky was busy this afternoon with clouds rushing past the sun and giving us cardigans on and off all the time!  Hoping it will settle a bit over next weekend so we can enjoy some outdoor time with everyone who is coming for Pop's 80th birthday party next Saturday.

It's been a busy weekend (again) .. Zac has gone back to Almere near Amsterdam for another course ..but he will be home in time for the party! He was toying with bringing Mr Bobby out again but has another good idea.. (our theme is going to be Travel so we hope it will inspire everyone!)..He did try Bobby out again last evening..somehow he just makes the person inside very Blobby- behavioured!

We had a little gathering for the actual day of Pop's birthday ..The family and his friend Peter.

I realised I had all my children in the same phone is slow taking pictures..hence the moving arms and Kate's mock pained expression.

 Pops had to pose for his official pictures.. the cake was a spontaneous job when Lilly hung out with Jordan, the 'real' cake is for the party! 

The girls slept over with us on Saturday.. they were late to bed but slept through which makes life a lot easier!  The two young ones love my kitchen windows and the view across to Pops place!

Couldn't leave out this great pic of Lisa and Tom... (he still looks so proud of having her as his wife!)

....or this one of Lilly and Lyla's super duper sparkly Sketcher shoes!

The toe gems flash when you are walking!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Better skies...

Not easy to photograph the Super Moon that's out this week..
But here's the sky from Marazion last evening
Hoping the summer hasn't left us just yet!

Monday, 11 August 2014


Well the sky has been everything today.. at 5pm this was the view across our yard..

.. grey sky and rain to beat the band!

Centenary of WW1

Over at Lucky 7s blog challenge I asked everyone about current or past connections with WW1 as we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of war breaking out. I have found it really interesting on TV etc as I have never done history to any level and stopped it soon after the dull Bronze & Iron age stuff they taught us!

My Mum's dad Joe Tommy Warren here  went away to war and I have a pencil written notebook of his diary thoughts.  The intention is to get it onto the computer but really I need to decipher his lovely hand and dictate to a willing typist, to allow some flow.

These are a few of the things I photographed last night.. he was in East Africa / Mombasa and Dar es Salaam..

Joe was a local school teacher, I sometimes think of him a bit like the character in Private Ryan, who had to be in charge but didn't want the guys to know he was 'just' a teacher...but it is so interesting to read his thoughts on war and the people he encountered abroad..

''Declaration of war may have been accompanied with the ringing of bells and expressions of hilarity but deep in the hearts of thousands there was the greatest anxiety.'' August 1914
Christmas Card from the Desert

January 1916 from Mombasa to his wife-to-be
They married in July 1916

Staged note to say he was still alive

Christmas message with hint of who would know where he was..

Birthday note  22-march-1915 .. No recognition of it being a special day.

see the note above this date.. Fighting 12 miles from here.. One attempt to round up about 4 to 6 thousand of the enemy.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Sunday..

Summer View Feet.. a little late but hey!
Light & Shade!
Kids playing at Marazion in the Sun ..and Sea!!

So, yesterday Zac, Colin & I grabbed a few hours on the boat.. picked up Col's Dad at Penzance which saved him getting a wet backside like we did in the chop on the way out on the inflatable!
Summer water!

Not completely fitting with the Summer Colours prompts but a good try! Look at that grey cloud behind Zac, luckily it came to nothing and the sun shone (on my feet)!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer food and shopping..

Summer Lunch.. thanks April!
April made us a tasty summer lunch using Jordan's bread..

And today I am at Pendeen Market ..x