Sunday, 12 February 2012

365/43 from the past!

As soon as I read this prompt I was sure I'd have a hard choice of all the nostalgia inducing items to photograph. Strangely though as I looked around my house it was mainly photos which I saw rather than objects. We have been together twenty odd years and Colin is not big on old furniture and with so many years with little kids about I have always kept family heirlooms in my Mum's part of the house , these days in a small glass cabinet.. the Worcester jugs, the little gold teaset, other odds and ends which just don't really fit into a busy household such as ours.

Around lunchtime I got a lovely email from my cousin who although she only lives about 15 miles away, but we don't see each other that often. But boy, when we do the chat, gossip and nostalgia gets a good going over. Her grandfather was best friends with my Dad, they joined the navy together in the second war and my mum introduced him to her friend, so the two couples ended up married.

Later on my Dad took Sarah's Dad Barry under his wing and helped him when he was starting out fishing from the Cove, so as you can imagine, even though Dad has been gone over 40 years he is still remembered by the younger members of the community... and as Sarah said even though she never knew him, he was a kind of legend in their household.  

She agreed with my words about Cornish fences being more like hedges and sent me this pic of a typical cliff hedge from a winter walk.

So to my pic of the day... on my chest of drawers I have  a pile of jewelry, some photos, a big vases of poppies and these two little perfume bottles.  I loved them for all my childhood, from when I saw them in the glass cabinet we used to have in our 'parlour' know, the room no-one ever went in except at Christmas (I used to think it was because it was a special room but on looking back I can see it was too expensive to heat and was best used as an ironing / miscellaneous 'stuff' store unless special times were upon us!)

I maybe liked them mostly as Mum always told me that my dad loved them and as they were kind of out of reach to me, from a playing with them point of view, and then after he died they gained even more special-ness. I think maybe Dad had loved them as they were his Mum's and she had died when he was about 16. I don't know.  Anyway, I got them in the end, probably when Mum remarried in 1973 and things became a little less reveered (sp?)

I had them valued once, I don't think they were worth much and in any case that wasn't the point.

All in all a good day, we had a halh hour chat with Zac lst evening, he has been fine, some bad weather and others feeling a little sea-sick but he was good. Spent Friday working on the launches and helping people ashore, you know, the young guys who hold your hand to stop you wrong-footing as you step ashore..and in the sunshine too.


  1. They look like a very treasured possession- lovely that they provide treasured memories of your dad.

  2. what a beautiful story and how sweet that they are in your family since so long !

  3. What a lovely story Thankyou for sharing. The perfume bottles are lovely. I'm glad Zac is fine.

  4. What an intriguing photo :) i could not figure out what they were, my first thought was chess pieces.. but i would never have thought they were perfume bottles... such a beautiful story to go with them too!!

  5. What a lovely colour they are! I wonder where they were made?


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