Monday, 20 February 2012

365/51 Fragile.

Well several of us in our house have been feeling rather fragile of late and that was my first thought when I saw this prompt but something kept coming to mind ... several of the challengers have gone off to find, or is that 'not find' little ornaments which have turned up a little broken....and again this came to mind.

Over twenty years ago, I think when my eldest daughter was born I bought a little frame with some money from my auntie... not sure how but the frame got broken really quickly but I felt gquite uilty about it and couldn't throw it away, so I put it back together, I think the photo. actually helped the parts stay together.. I moved twice since then and every year the photo frames get put away for the 'Christmas Dresser' to be done, and every year I wonder why I kept such a broken frame...

..I just took this picture and I amazed at how much more detail you can see in the photo when it is enlarged. It shows me and my Mum sitting outside our cottage where I grew up,  we appear to have our tidy clothes on so it must have been a Sunday!  I love seeing pictures of my Mum when she was young, so many of our memories are of our parents when they are older and less agile so it's nice to see her how my Dad must have seen her all those years ago.....and oh how like Lilly I looked...!


  1. What a lovely photo. I have one of me at a similar age where I looked identical to my daughter. Of couse she's horrified at the prospect!

  2. It is a smashing photo. I only ever see a resemblance to my boys when I look at old photos of me.

    That frame is gorgeous, excellent that you kept it :)

  3. That's such a beautiful photo to cherish !


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