Sunday, 9 June 2013

Birthday boy and views of June!

So, after a couple of weeks of celebrations here and there somewhat like an Indian Wedding my Col turned 50 on 5th June. We had a few days away on our own last weekend and spent the time in Torquay (again!)  

The weather was fab and we bought this lovely little guy to remember Col's birthday by... we both love this stainless type finish and I think he'll look brill in the new kitchen..the guys in our office bought him a huge hurricane lamp for the decking, but secretly I want it in the kitchen too!

We got the boat in the water finally and have grabbed some time out, though it is still always a little chilly if I'm honest. Last Tuesday Zac and Pops posed for this month's June Mount view, nice to have a variation on the theme..  

June Mount View..
 The good weather has had us eating outside and really trying to grab the week of summer whilst it is here. That's the only trouble in England, you just never know if or when the sun will be back!

I had the girls today while M&D did a car boot and we made mini gardens and had a picnic.  

Annabelle is growing away, she is the cutest thing and, well No 3 just gets carried along don't they!

Lilly is still my glue and glitter girl, she isn't five til next month but wrote this all by herself..

My favourite view of the month in June is definitely the view towards 'where my porch once was. Yes, the new room is all but finished and this is my offering from today... Yesterday Kate won a blow up paddling pool in the shape of a car.. Col and Zac were minding the girls a minute and this was what I found when I came back into the room; they'll do anything to stop the fight over 'who's driving' !!

I am sure there is a lot I should have told you, but hey, hope this catches us up.. I still owe some thought to Lynne's thought provoking quote last week, but I need a little time for that..xx