Friday, 30 March 2012

365/90 Humour..

..well after a few sad years where things were pretty stressful in our household, with our Mum's both suffering illhealth and everyone being fairly worried and tense about it, we now have a saying... you've got to smile every day.. and we do!

Col and I work with a really fun bunch of people, we laugh about something all the time, especially when Sam is in to do our accounts three days a week.. she likes a G&T of a Friday night and her husband likes it too as he says 'it loosens her morals!'
With Ben our designer the three of us love innuendo and would blush if you guys reading this could hear us!

Late at night we often enjoy Live at the Apollo or some old school comedy with Men Behaving Badly, Gavin & Stacey or the slightly offbeat Early Doors. Right now Jason Byrne is doing his 'special eye' routine and like Micky Flanagan's routines we have seen them so often that we know the lines before they say them and still watch again... it's so good to go to sleep laughing!

Zac and I like the random thoughts of Stewart Lee and I'm taking him to see him in Plymouth when he's home in May.. we've also got a family trip to see Jimeoin at the duMaurier Festival in Fowey and in June some of us are off to see Rhod Gilbert in Truro...

.. so yes, comedy, humour, innuendo, even sarscasm.. you have to laugh.. it's the best medicine...xx

Looking through our huge photo folder I found this picture we found on Col's Mum's laptop .... Kate was very young there and always playing the fool with a funny face..she was so fond of Jean, used to spend so much time with her, we called her 'Nan's handbag' because she was always hanging off her arm!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

365/89 Daybreak.

It was a near miss.. I picked up the prompt at 8am but just in time to take these snaps from our windows... the garden view to the front and the more 'utilitarian' back yard view!

..delighted to say the mist soon cleared and made way for another beautiful day..this evening Kate had a dance performance so I went to see that and it was really nice, also good to catch up with some old pals.. and getting a very pleasing report for her generally from school was the icing on a very nice cake of a day..x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

365/88 9am..

Not quite a normal day in the Jones household. Usually I get up, make the porridge and something cooked for the youngest, then harrang her out of bed to eat it!  After she and JB have gone off for their daily dose of education, usually about 8am I sneak back upstairs for my coffee, a laze in front the TV for half hour and then quick shower, gather up the washing and get out to the office for just after 9... so maybe a snapshot of Frasier or Lorraine would be more my norm for that time of day.

Today I did the pre-school run for the babe and it was a lovely sunny morning, certainly more pallatable than dodging the rain... so here she is, off to Paradise Park for a trip.. proudly showing me her Darth Vadar Lego torch.. what's that all about!?

What fabulous weather.. off to Penzance harbour for wander and then some eats at the Dolphin.. sorted!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

365/87 Dinner time :Here comes summer! we had thick jumpers and the men wore hats, but there were burgers, buns and onions and we ate outside.. lovely!

Add to that we heard we have a mooring for our boat this summer. and the light evenings have heralded summer almost immediately.. oh and Pops has spotted cherry blossom in our garden... xxx

Monday, 26 March 2012

365/86 Early morning routine..

Porridge...dishes...big bear eats, cup of tea and a sneaky peek on here...

Sunday, 25 March 2012

365/85 9pm

I am writing this 'blind' as I have not looked to see what kind of things other people have posted. It was that wierd kind of spring forward day, losing an hour but sort of getting things done with the extra light and here in Cornwall enjoy the warm sunshine when you can get out of the wind.

I got a bit of retail therapy at the Next Sale, something for everyone, well us girlies anyway... and then the grim food shop ritual.. you can always tell the kind of town you are shopping in when the queue forms to stalk the man with the reducing gun!  Still, at least with Col and Ross home this week we may even eat the fridge clean as when they are away I seem to find lots of out of date stuff hidden on a Thursday..

.. so it was me, Col, Pops and Ross and April for supper.. cos that's what evening meal at 9pm is isn't it.. we had jackets, cauli cheese and veggies.. I must do cauliflower cheese more often... so tasty and quick.. and makes the house smell a little less long thatpn the curried cauli soup I usually inflict on the family!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

365/84 Bedtime.

The grand daughters' sleepover went well, well it did for them! As it's not a regular occurrence I was still smiling and joking at 6.30am when I got up to make us the first cup of tea. The babe had disturbed quite a bit but then slept again til 11 so there was time to do some glueing and sticking with Lilly..

I know she is ours but she really is incredibly well co-ordinated, puts the corner frames in the corners and sticks things in straight lines...she asked me if something was 'hideous' and in just the right place for the word! Last week she asked her mum is she was 'impressed' with her and last night she woke Kate at 2am and started telling her her numbers in French!

..but it was early to bed for us all tonight xx

365/83 Clock.

.. a little behind as last evening we had the girls to sleepover and at one point I had the babe having her milk before bed, the big one feeling a headache and prompty sick (luckily Kate was in attendance and a one-off!) and Zac on the phone for his catch up as well! Ahhh, just like old times, juggling!

So although a day late, we saw 6.30 this morning and we don't usually ...espedially on a Saturday.. but as it's a special occasion it's a lot easier to bear... lovely to know M&D are having a rare night off and lie in..doesn't seem long since Col's folks were doing same for us.. xxx

.. and here's the 'family' clock.. Ross had it for a gift and it has taken comfortable place amongst my metal signs in the kitchen.

Friday, 23 March 2012

365/82 Calm

Once again this week the dynamic changes in our house.. JB is out tonight, seeing the Hunger Games, the long awaited film after the books she had for Christmas.  Colin and Ross got back from their trip, lots of people seen, reports to write and videos to show the guys of different jobs which need doing.

I spent too long in front the computer the last couple of days, and now for that matter.. but it is compulsive!! .. so long hot bath and some catching up, nice glass of wine ...

Calmness is in the air, life just feels kind of right when the men are around again... just Zac to get back home for May now.. til he sets off for three months in Oz with the Pacific Jewel..

Looking back through the pics on my tablet, I love this snippet of a layout I did of one of our trips to the Minack... I love the sea, the cliffs, the whole damn shooting match..

...and as I said before..

'If I was a salmon, that's where I'd be heading.. 'home'..calm '  xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

365/81 An Everyday Sight.

Mmm, not sure what to choose today so you choose your favourite.. both feature several photos and some bits and bibs I have accumulated..

The first is the little area in front of my keyboard, so I guess it is in my sight about eight hours a day..
..there's a wooden frame JB made in school and a tiny paper crane she origamied (if that's a word!) ,
.. a note Kate wrote when learning to write saying 'I love yow mom',
.. a blingy single heart stud,
..some passport and proof school pics of the children
..and a small pic of me and my Dad.. me playing with a banana box aka a cooker.. I love that pic, so rare to have one of my Dad at all and it was such a normal setting, me playing pretend and Dad bending wires for crab pots.

Last but not least is a business card of our American pal Will which he gave us when we met way back when.. 1999 I think! I found it the other day and there is stayed..x

Oh and a hidden fridge magnet which says 'Friday is Casual Sex Day!'... you can see the representation here of our office humour!

The other pic is of our dresser in the sitting room, we walk past it all the time and it is laden with photos.. mostly from when the children were young, but a few newer ones..the fruit bowls and some pot pourri, the growing family of meerkats and general detritis which has to be tidied when I'm on a roll!! At Christmas we swap some of the photo frames for wooden decorations and stuff, a special bit of Christmas.. the net lights stay behind it all year and Ross turns them on now and then when he wants the place to feel

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

365/80 Quiet.

Well with all the men in our brood away, either longer term like my Zac or for a few days on sales visits like Col and Ross, the house is rather like the home of the churchmouse..

.. once the office day is over I cook and catch up with the girls and then settle down to a little tablet surfing and blogging, the TV is on but only to break the silence. When Colin or the boys are here the TV or stereo is always on or there is a sound coming from Zac's room,  usually the sounds of war as he and JB catch up on the latest X-box game.

I quite like no TV, I use it for company but would be happy if it was only the sound, maybe harping back to the early 70's when we first had a TV and had rubbish reception.. we used to pray for a down pour of rain to improve the recption and you could see a better picture through squinted eyes..and how many times did I wish we could have a 'booster aerial' like the others.. 

ahah, but eventually Phil came to the rescue, on his shining steed (in disguise of a Vanden Plas which needed running in.. well that was his story) ... six months later he and Mum were married and we moved to Mousehole, the 'city' of 2000 people and streetlights.. and he had been the first to get.. yes wait for it.. colour TV... sorted!

(well kind of.. the teen years and angst were to follow but hey, we got there eventually, unscathed, almost!)

Monday, 19 March 2012

365/79 Playtime!

No real youngsters about here today but a nice opportunity to share a layout I did last year. When I was a kid I loved so much to play in the big china sink.. you know, the ones which are suddenly very trendy again... and as I got older I loved to scrub it clean with gritty old Ajax.. I loved the smell and Mum told me it was a smell she liked when she was pregnant with me!

Our Lilly loved to sit in our kitchen sink a couple of summers ago when she was about a year old.. just like Ross and Lisa did at my Mum's house in Mousehole twenty or more years's such a different pleasure letting your grandchildren be indulged, when as a mum you always wanted them to make less mess and let you get on making tea or something.!  

Lisa likes this kind of layout, she says it's all about the lots of photos for her, rather than the whole technique thing... so this is a page for their album...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

365/78 Hobby.

I never really had a hobby til the children were grown up and I guess until after Mum moved from here to the home before she died. Never 'Sporty Spice' and a dalliance or two with knitting, crochet and the odd intention to make a felt parrot, interspaced with a bit of card making and taking the usual family photos but never a full on 'hobby' which I think is something you do regularly and take time out to do..

I guess having the children and justgetting through 20 years of family life was pretty hectic in itself and I always did that 'guilt' thing if I took time out for myself.. amazingly it was always a self inflicted guilt, I think some of the family even wished I'd go out and do something... give them all a break!

Recent layout with Ten Sec Studio
Then for Lisa's 18th I decided to make a scrapbook of her travels through life and knocked up a scrapbook from a complete 'kit' in about four days.. you know, no matted pictures, no inks, no special effects or journalling to speak of.. but it went down well and I planned my next project , an album for Col's folks Golden Wedding. Well it was almost biting off more than I could chew, but I did it and it is still my pride and joy, I was a pretty smug puppy seeing the interest and effect it had on the family and friends and that it was for all our family's history made it even more special.  
I went to some classes with Linda at Just Scrapbooking and I was /am hooked. The group are lovely and I am so happy to have them as friends, in fact if they weren't friends I'm not sure who would be!       Then I started blogging to complement the layouts and once again to write down the mundane stuff, just in case, one day, when the kids are all grown up, I start to forget and need to look up a time and a place..and oh, a whole new bunch of 'friends' I have not met yet!
Yesterday I bought some stock of scrap stuff (I have way too much stuff for the amount of layouts I do, but I understand that makes me true to type?) including an alpha set (my mild addiction) and amazingly JB had ordered and bought the same set online for my pressie today.. but as I say, you can never have too many alphas, there's always that extra 'E' you need! 
So, scrapbooker, blogger... and they say in the office that my Mastermind subject would be.. Zac...!..who by the way is doing good, been on excursions in Mexico (snorkelling and horse riding) and Hawaii (volcanos with snow at 14,000 feet!)

Lovely Mother's Day, time with all five and smiles all round.. though some of my lovliest blogger friends are not having such an easy time of things and it doesn't hurt to be reminded on a good day that we must enjoy and appreciate the comfort as with family there is always another rollercoaster ride somewhere lurking..! xxx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

365/77 Music.

Great day today, a few hours in town, on my ownsome and that doesn't happen I took time to go spend a voucher in my favourite Crafty Corner dating back to my birthday last September! Oh I enjoyed that... a Cuttlebug folder I have admired in Linda's collection, some adhesive ribbon, paper, alphas (of course!) and some cards and Easter stuff to enjoy with our babe when she is over to sleep!

Hair cut next ( well, roots to be fair) and then bumped into Ross and his pal so we coffee-ed and caught up, then a food shop. Col had been busy too, prepping the mower to last another year and the sun was getting low in the sky when we decided to make a dash for a wander on the beach near the Mount ... followed of course by Domino's , well it is no-cook on a Saturday if I can wangle it so it was the perfect end to a pretty much me-day!.. and it's not even 'my' day til tomorrow!

Thinking about the prompt on the beach walk, I thought I would improvise a little and use a song title , that is music isn't it...

'Me and My Shadow....'

Friday, 16 March 2012

365/76 Bliss

There's not a picture I can think of for my blissful evening.. but sure I'll come up with something as I write! Ross was at the gym, JB at work and Pops out too so it was us two and Kate..who headed for Friday bath and hair, getting ready for the weekend!

Col put on some music videos from our New Year Party and once again I revel at the amazing way music can transport you back to the moment.. the video for Sweet singing 'Ballroom Blitz' will age me but I cannot deny that as I hear the opening bars I have to close my eyes and just listen... I used to play it really loud and if Teddy my pal from over the road was in we'd turn the lights off .. and just listen to it... nothing else, just thought listening to music in the dark was the thing to do in 1973!  Maybe that's why I double guess the teenagers in my family as it seems only yesterday that it was me there being 13 or 14!

Ahhh, Port and GN!
A nice glass of port and Graham Norton with great guests as ever makes or a blissful evening and a great start to the weekend... hair tomorrow and Mother's Day on Sunday.. more bliss as Ross has agreed to 'give' me hours of help OCDing my scrap space..

Thursday, 15 March 2012

365/75 Wild!

 Well when I am short of inspiration or anappropriate photo I can always rely on our Maldives holiday pictures and they sure add a perkiness to the day..

... the bananas were growing wild just outside the girls' room just next to ours, and one night there was a huge fruit bat next to it waiting to feed, Kate was up that path so fast!

And the snails lived there too, at night they were out wandering (do snails wander, I wonder?) around but in the daytime they rested in the water-catching well made by the big plant, everything is just so big and grows so easily while at home you need a hot house to even get a potted plant version to thrive!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

365/74 Unusual Camera Angle

Well this is most likely the most effort I have made for one of these prompts.. laying on the grass peering up into our monkey puzzle, then many attempts to get our 'outdoor cat' Joey to take some interest in the tablet so I could take his picture, all from an unusual angle.. I likened it to 'mouse-cam'

When the kids were younger sometimes I'd go in their rooms for a chat and lay on their beds, it was kind of odd for them, to see me on their beds and for me to see their rooms from an angle different to the usual 'doorway / knocking / waking' mode.  So I had a little revisit... awhh, Zac's room, just as he left it, World Map on the wall and a pile of his clothes waiting to be put away, not that unusual an angle but from a point laying on his bed anyway...

.. and then Jordan's huge pinboard of photos and random quotes, from the view she has when she wakes in the mornings..xx                                                            >>>>>>>

365/73 Shapes in Nature

Late again and despite a fine day I spent most of day 73 indoors so I didn't find anything spontaneous for the day...

We went to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (phew!) film last evening, I really enjoyed it and Col only almostfell asleep once and then I think it was the uncomfortable seat which stopped him! I loved the characters and the writing was really good, the essence of Indian optimism in Sunny, with evry superlative he could find to say not exactly the truth and the reflections on lives which had appeared well lived were just great.

Our favourite moment was during a scene in a quiet garden and a bird sound, a kind of warrble, just like our holidays.. immediately transported back to the heat and complete relaxation of our Indian Ocean island ..x

On that note I found several nice shapes from our hols, but my chosen pic is from closer to home, jet streams playing Noughts and Crosses maybe?

Monday, 12 March 2012

365/72 Garden.

... oh how I wish I could offer some great pics of what's going on out there.. but despite the day being misty followed by glorious and back to damp misty again by 4pm, it is now too late to take an y pics of the new decking space Col and Ross had started yesterday, around the oil tanks.. yes, just where I had in mind to plant the bamboo..(just where Col had suggested.. once.. before he decided that we needed a platform to stand near the tanks and protect Ross' plumbing for his cabin)

Hey ho, no worries, I wasn't too committed anyway..

...and as for today, the phones were kind and this afternoon I got to spend a couple of hours with the youngest g'child who just turned One and has suddenly adopted a whole new proper person sounds, holds herself not so much like a babe and keen to see, do and taste could say that 'everything in the garden is rosy'!!

365/71 Hiding

.. yesterday was a bit of a loafing day, never quite got going but got some ticks in the chore boxes. I should really have got up and done a lovely walk somewhere.. like so many other 365 challengers.. but I didn't, so there!

Needless to say 'hiding' was not high on my list of possible photo opps and I wasn't feeling very tenuous the gorgeous white orchid is budding for the second year...and here it is...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

365/70 Plant.

Well I am writing this on my new blogger format so I'm hopeful it will be a little easier and less sensitive.. I usually blog from my tablet and it kind of seizes up after a few paragraphs and I end up sizing it up on the kitchen pc (ahah and here I am again , tweaking as tablet refusing tp play ball with keyboard.. maybe it needs an update... Zacccccc!!)

How it was.. last year!

So... plant..
well the least tenuous link is the bit of gardening I managed to do this afternoon.. it was hardly really productive, perhaps revealing is the word to use.  To explain, Pops mentioned that the primroses were showing in the garden and I spotted some under the grass which took over my good intention of a flower bed last summer. A half hour later I had tugged and pulled about two wheel barrows of dead grass from around the bushes and revealed sprouting fuschias, primroses and hydrangeas...

all I need now is for Colin to find a new working area (those slates proved a perfect height for wood working the decking and may well do so for some time to come!) so I can pretty it up with some lobelias and hanging stuff for the summer..oh and I have plans for some bamboo to rustle and sing in my garen this year..

I was listening to the top 20 from 1968 this afternoon, tracks such as Cilla Black's 'Step Inside Love' and the Tremeloes 'Suddenly You Love Me'... and I was instantly transported back to a year where my brother was still living at home, when he used to play the 'transistor radio' in the bath before going out for the evening, how he, and consequently the rest of the household knew all the latest 'tunes'!  

Music is such a stimulus, like the tracks are planted in your brain and hearing them instantly links you back to the days when...

Friday, 9 March 2012

365/69 Fuzzy

.. no wonder my Colin suffers so much when he arrives home after a week out on calls.. it was a busy day today brain-wise.. lots to catch up on with the new email and office processing docs, Ross had done well standing in for us, keeing emails and phones at bay, but it is hard to be keen after even only two days away...even just being the passenger!

This evening I cooked a proper tea, with veg and stuff, after several days of eating out and eating 'fast' too so just needed to tick the real food box! Afterwards I sat down to write to Zac, to give him ll the news and chat.. but had a pear cider to help the evening along and now I have the biggest weary on!, thinking about the prompt I am rembering Fuzzy Felts.. do you remember them? Little felt shapes which would stick to a soft velcro type board.. it never was the same when they started making proper faces on them and stopped kids having to use their imagination was it?

.. so, in the absence of a picture of how my head feels, here is a library pic of those toys in a tray as I remember them!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

365/68 Bathtime

I'll start with a tenuous link just in case I don't come up with anything better..its the end of a long day and a long luxurious bathtime would be very nice, though I think a fall straight into bed will be more likely!

Col and I took Kate to have some photos done for a teen model competition she got entered into. It was a great day, started with her having to arrive with her hair not done and no make-up...she doesn't believe us but she still looked great..and then she had a couple of hours with professional make up and hair, still Kate but suddenly a screen goddess.. ready for the photos..

.. the whole thing was a great experience, lovely people and so glad we chose a weekday as I can imagine it'd be busy at weekends with everyone wanting their family / baby / glamour's such a big gift experience these days.. and it was good to combine it with the entry and also just after her birthday.. it's hard these days to make life quite exciting enough for teens, what with all the comparable teen stuff shown on TV!

365/67 Floor.

So I was away yesterday but I knew what the word was before we left .. did some shopping with our youngest whilst Col went to see a customer, should have taken some pics of some great expanses of tiling at Cribbs Causeway but my feet were sore and it just didn't happen..

... we stayed over in NW London and there was a TGI Fridays next door so we went there to eat before we rested our feet and legs in bed... and there it was.. the plate of food.. potato skins and nachos, all adorned with melted cholesterol...oops, sorry cheese.. it was grim..but if you look carefully at this picture, you may agree..

 ...that they may be perfect used for flooring? ... definitely a whole world away from the Seafood Cafe in St Ives with its exquisite food the night before..x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

365/66 Cooking..

..or not.. not in this house tonight.. takeaway cancelled.. Seafood here we come.. x... and three hours later we are back home, belly's comfortably full and in front the fire with a suitable image...

... Kate's dessert, a nice end to a fifteenth birthday... I looked at her and tried to see in this gorgeous leggy teenager the bundle of baby and then the tition haired toddler and the gangly year sixer who so wanted to play Scrooge, despite being really quite poorly....and wondered how the next five, ten, fifteen years will change her, what kind of woman, mother, grown up daughter she will become...ahhh, this parenthood malarky, it never ends, its just the format which changes...xxxxxxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

365/65 Arranged.

The women in our family are the arrangers.. the men say they are passengers, happy to be on the women's magical mystery tour that is life.. well, that applies to the weekends and all things not too important, maybe because the men have to do all the decision making the rest of the time.

Years ago, one Christmas my brother and stepdad were talking about what was happening and Phil said that he wasn't sure yet, and my brother commented ' oh hasn't Auntie Edna organised that yet?' Phil said he didn't know what he meant, but many years later, after the annual sitting round at her house, on uncomfortable chairs looking at Christmas Cards received and playing Scrabble with no TV on etc, Phil realised what Ken meant, that my Mum was a softie and what her big sister said goes and she would have her Christmas gathering by hook or by crook!

Turns out my niece and maybe at least one of my daughters has similar genes, we love to have, or make that organise an event, a family gathering, the only good thing is that they normally involve music and takeaway!

And so, it has been arranged, tomorrow's celebration of Kate's 15th and Lyla's first birthdays. JB has made the cakes, I will provide venue and food and the rest will turn up, eat, drink and look pretty..I think that's about it..

Sunday, 4 March 2012

365/64 Chairs.

Nice prompt! Our kitchen / dining room has roo many chairs, up to six diners, a futon seating 3 or 4 and also four stools near the computer and at the b'fast bar... but I guess as the full compliment of family is about ten then they are all potentially 'used', it's just sometimes it seems a sea of chairs when you look across the room! I have the futon in the kitchen end and the stools face into the kitchen so I spend my time bobbing to and fro, but itkeeps me at the heart of any conversation I guess, which is what I like.

We have plans.. oh, the extend the room and have a new kitchen / summer type room but this will be well planned with lots of seating for those conversations while I cater type times. .. by then there may well be a number of extra family members , partners and grandchildren.. not a reflection of impending marriages, more the anticipationof waiting a few more years yet.. but it is 'on our list' for this year!!

So, to the subject of chairs, the photos..the obvious choice is the arm chair which used to be my Dad's and when Mum remarried when I was 13 it went to my Auntie's house, where it stayed, cushioned, hardboarded when the supports went, and left to be quite sad for many years..

We cleared her house and Mum told me the chair was my Dad's and being quite pathetic about all things 'my dad' it came home here about six years ago.  
I'm not sure if it is about my Dad or the usual nostalgia-freaks desire to know and keep all things relating to their childhood, but either way, it was always kept aside when Col and the boys had their purging days cleaning out the sheds, having acquired the belongings of all our two families over the years.. (they used to put stuff in the black shed.. or the skip.. but had to call the skip 'the greeen shed' to stop my mum stressing that we may be discarding something she felt we had to keep..the route to the 'green shed' was behind the van across the yard and I'm sure even I would have been moaning if I'd seen the 'heirlooms' they threw out!)

A couple of years later Zac & Ross had the chair upholstered for me and although it still needs a good bit of waxing or TLC to the frame, it has taken residence in the corner of our kitchen and I love sitting on it..

Another little chair came to mind though.. a little doll's house wooden chair  which my ex-father-in-law gave me once, probably when Lisa was small, something he found in a house clearance. I had bought her a tiny cat at Dairyland I think and the cat sat in the chair on the mantle piece of all our houses. I think I'm the only person who has loved or notices it, I even had to search it out today as I had forgotten where it sits.. but I found it in front of some books on the bookcase.. haha, in front of my text books from Uni.... okay, so I did Social Policy way back when, but they hardly call me from the Govt to ask my opinion on housing policy or anything do they... but as Mum said, 'if you educate the mother you educate the children..'

Saturday, 3 March 2012

365/63 Flat

My family are playing along with my prompts and we all frowned a little, wondering what options there were, especially when trying to keep it as a diary / blog chat too.

Well I went to Newlyn for our social scrap today, only 4 of us as Linda was poorly and the session was hastily made a go-er amongst ourselves.  But we did good, I got about three pages done for my new midi-album, even used inks and stamps and my favourite core papers. We chatted a lot, well I did, they said it was very quiet til I arrived, but I like to make some noise!! Not always an empty vessel though I hope...

So, everyone was busy and Col's dad is away visiting so it was very easy but favourite tea.. fresh tuna..with fresh bread and some rice.. I scoured the cupboards for the main accompaniment and then took this photo...
...despite the beautiful tuna, it is rather 'flat' without the Lime Pickle!!!! (not much left though eh!!)

Friday, 2 March 2012

365/62 Comfort

I generally know the prompt for the day ahead of the girls leaving for school, so JB at least offers her unique interpretation ... today she told me how comfy her new boots have become and despite feeling a little unsure of the style at first she really has grown into them and looks so comfy in her own skin these days..

I washed our sitting room fleeces today so they were prominent in my 'comfort' mind today. I think lots of people who have leather sofas employ the old faithful fleece when the days have added a chill to the leather...the first ones I had were chenille and left fluff all over the room, I soon learnt!  Kate let me take this pic of her cuddled up in front of the fire at teatime.  She's not home many evenings these days as she spends lots of time with her little chap, all loved up eh!

Life in the office is as comfy as we could hope, new Outlook, Office and Act are not too tortuous, especially on a Friday... but it was nice to end the week, come indoors, get changed into leggings and the extra pair of fleecy socks.. comfy! And a day scrapbooking with pals tomorrow, all kinds of everything make for a comfy life..which all to often we don't fully appreciate .. x