Thursday, 16 February 2012

365/47 What's in my handbag...?

Funny prompt today and most of us in the challenge have produced picture of a jumble of items and I'm not going to be any different. Handbags are kind of security / comfort blankets for most of us I think, just knowing there are those things in your bag is enough, using them is leaping over another boundary altogether.

This is my list:
Car keys, usually both sets!
Wallet with latest receipts and various vouchers (50% out of date!)
Small dairy
Lists of wardrobe and pizza requirements!
Velvet glasses case, usually empty as glasses on head!, glass polish spray
Old tickets & small pack wet wipes (show visit with g,daughter)
3 packs chewing gum, various states of use
Pair gloves
Pain killers
Cheque book.. yes, still have one
Lip balms, lipstick, 2 handcreams, eye pencil (backups, rarely used)
Small card from flowers Zac sent me when he was away for my birthday his first week at college...... awhhhh
...and a tiny 60 in gold from a pals birthday party couple years ago!



  1. Smashing bag with all the usual suspects lol. Both sets of keys in your handbag, yeah I did that until one set got lost and I still haven't replaced them. I am cruising for a big fall and nightmare lolololol So I am one step further down the danger chain!

  2. Pays to live a little dangerously.. I usually have two sets, one I take out and the other the kids brought to open the car if I was in the office! But an accident waiting to happen for sure! x

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  4. Quite an normal collection, but I couldn't see any cows for your small dairy...;P

  5. Totty... I know! I am usually proud of my spelling, and did want to change it but was working on slow mode on my tablet last evening..can't change it now..x

  6. I hate that you can't edit comments...I'm always making typing mistakes that I don't see until I have published, then have to choose between leaving it or I left out a whole word, not just a letter!


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