Thursday, 9 February 2012

365/40 Compact.

I picked up the prompt early this morning and am getting quite good at having the word running beneath the surface, on the prowl for a link. I didn't have to but I took Kate down to school and really enjoyed the drive, a crispy frosting over all the hedgerows.. would have made good 'fence' pics yesterday!

Just as I dropped Kate I grabbed the moment and banked this pic.. the ubiquitous compact of blusher.. or as they call it now.. bronzer. Some blurring as I was under pressure not to embarass her at the school gate!

Good dqy pretty much, nice and bright, pretty perky all round and over lunch the light came on and I realised there was another pic to be taken..and the chance to show off Ross' handiwork. It was about a fifteen months ago when he expressed the wish to create himself a 'cabin' in the garden.. to be fair, at the time he was sleeping in our tiny 8x6 bedroom and his feet were almost hanging out the doorway...

.. and so it was.. after much effort on the part of Ross and Colin, and a good few helpers around the edgs, that in December he moved into 'the Cabin' It's the finishing touches which have been so sweet, a 20 X 10ft garden shed is now a cosy one bedroom home with shower room and a brilliant kitchen area, with all you need to make a mean fry up. My favourite bit is the pine breakfast bar with shelving underneath... we smile when he tells us that from a three shelf unit, he gets one and April fills the other two with her shoes!

...yes, it's almost like a kitchen area from Ikea..'compact'...x

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