Thursday, 1 March 2012

360/61 Grass.

Well I had just opened the curtains before I looked at the prompt, so the first thing I has seen was the rough and thick mossy grass of our front garden. A great lawn takes a lot of tending if its going to be a lawn, us, we have grass.. Zac was the main mower so the job will come to Colin again or maybe Ross and the girls.. at least its a ride-on. Pops' grass and the bit below the workshops gets done at the same time, so its almost a tractor and topper job! ..especially if we leave too long between trims.

Pops has a pond and lots more prettiness in his garden so I'm going to use some of his photos today, also to give Zac and Uncle Bill chance to see the new bird feeder on the decking over there. Pops loves to see the bull finches and the robins he feeds, also the buzzard and heron he gets coming round the pond.  He goes fishing sometimes in the summer with his pal Derek, I couldn't resist this picture.. kind of fits the 'grass' theme for the day doesn't it....
Office world wasn't quite as bad as I / we had expected but much of the day was spent still trying to get databases and emails to support each other.. I told the guys of my blogging about it and they reckoned there would be no damns and blasts, much more likely some 'bugger's and worse! The guys have taken on my 'daily word' and today they reckon I should have written about how the grass is generally greener... yesterday when the emails and server were still in a mode we were all comfy with....though to be fair I was very excited when I got a few glimpses of how good it's going to be....x


  1. What a beautiful garden.

  2. Yes and it's all down to my father in law.. ours is much more easy mow and tidy, bushes and stuff, he's the potterer!

  3. Great photos Kathyjo and beautiful garden!


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