Thursday, 16 February 2012

Good day..

..JB had the ok from her dentist, he thought he had misread her teeth, he had forgotten she had a load out last year! Did a little shopping and back to the office for our customer visit. All good, phones quiet-ish and I played secretary, on tea and biscuit duty, but I can do more than that, honest!

Last night I wrote Zac an email as I thought it would be a little more for him than Facebook comments by his pals,  and I got a reply right back this morning, he's close to Mexico now and LA to swap passengers on Saturday. Sounding really perky and I think he's finding all the talking late into the evening with Col about ships and the sea pretty useful!

I took Col up on his offer of eating out this evening and we went for tea at the Dolphin, nice weather too, pretty mild and it was nice to chill out for an hour, looking forward to summery evenings again so we can wander the prom too.

(short interlude there as I went up to see what Kate is up to.. creaky floors.. Zumba to some alomst Indian music..)... and on the way down the stairs I spotted some of my oldest 'from my past items'... these pictures of little Dutch girls were a wedding present for my Mum and Dad in 1946., just after the war, the whole picture is made up of sweet silver papers.

I have them on my stairs and must take them a little for granted as didn't think of them for that challenge, but as it would have been Dad's 90th today I thought I'd post them now...

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  1. ooh, I would hate to have my teeth 'misread', it sounds like it could go down a bad road after that.... lovely pictures, so pretty and full of history.


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