Saturday, 27 September 2008

More Kate madness..and one from JB

On receiving a two pound coin from a very generous tooth fairy the other night (masquerading as Dad having to prove how much he loved mum, when she remembered the tooth fairy chore just after going to bed!), Kate had a discussion with us about how times had changed and how much a tooth was now worth..
'I used to get a pound from the Tooth Fairy, and then a couple of times I've had the Generous Tooth Fairy who gave me two pounds......ahhh, but my friend has the Only Child Tooth Fairy.....she got five pounds!'

So as she is not left out here is one of Jordan's howlers we must never forget..
Kate wanted twin dollies for Christmas, I managed to go one better and get a set of triplets. Dying to share the achievement with someone who would appreciate the fun (as is my want), I showed Jordan the 3 little dolls in a box.
'Mum', she squeeled, 'Kate wanted twins and you got her TWIGLETS!'

Kate's so funny x

Our Kate is eleven and just started and secondary school.. and getting herself a lovely little sense of humour....
Last evening we were enjoying one of the September late summer barbecues outside and Kate snorkelled a little of my lager, (as has been her habit for as long as we can remember). shortly afterwards she asked Jordan for some of her of Jordan's concoctions: orange, sparking water etc etc. After taking a mouthful of the potion Kate remarked..
'Too fizzy, and mum's was too strong.......what I need is baby bear's drink'
Clever cookie..and funny...and we love her.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Just Scrapbooking Weekend

Had great day yesterday as day visitor to Linda's Just Scrapbooking weekend at Cape Cornwall, about as far west as you can get in this part of Cornwall... Linda Knight as creative as ever, with Debbie Emery, her Stamping Up demonstrator friend in professional support (not to mention Jules quietly in background preparing acetate templates and the like!)

Managed to complete six pages in the 12 hours, only one needing finishing touches,
had to leave the 'Looking In' page for another day as want to give it the time it deserves.

Will photograph and upload pics tomorrow, daughter Jordan's photography aid permitting.. (great when your 13 year old is in control of your computer ability!)

The first layoouts featured my darling Dad from the late 60's in an old photo which had once been featured in The Grower magazine (now defunct or incorporated into something more trendy I guess).. it is the photo all the family have of Dad, taken in our kitchen whilst he was having a cup of tea with William Jackson the local milkman who always stopped to chat mid morning with us.. life seemed so much slower and when I look back somehow more valuable per minute than now.

Well Dad had told the photographer to 'go for a run' as he was going for a cup of tea, and the guy took his photo just as he was, sat on the edge of the sink, wedged against the cooker.. the feature was about Dad's winter work of violet growing in Penberth, West Cornwall, feeding the markets at Covent Garden.. it seemed amazing to me, a small girl at the time, that our violets would wend their way to London to be sold.

Mum always told me the story that when she and Dad were on honeymoon in London in 1946 they saw someone selling violets on the street corner, 'Fresh from Cornwall' the seller cried... and Dad spoke to her telling her that he grew violets in Cornwall. As quick as a flash the lady shouted, in true London street vendor style...'Cornish Violets... and here's the man who grew them!'

Must go now, blabbing too much as usual, will post pics asap and tell the story of the other pages I did yesterday...thanks again Linda & Debbie x

Friday, 19 September 2008

Pure musical nostalgia!

Just had to tell you...have been flitting about a lot this morning and twice got in the car to hear the best songs ever from my past...there must be about 50 songs which could fall into this category but the two from today were real raves from the grave...

Dave Edmonds : Girls Talk and then Thin Lizzy : Boys are Back in Town...recently revived to great effect in A Knight's Tale..lovely when our oldies get approval in the kid's world... though I was pleased when Walk the Line was big and we overloaded on Johnny Cash and even the kids were onboard.

Girls Talk was a huge favourite when I was at Uni in Exeter, along with Crazy Little Thing called Love (Queen) and Elvis Costello's Oliver's Army...well that'll date us!

Ticked the box..

Kate has just started Secondary School and had to write about one of her achievements (she took and passed a ballet exam last year, she only started in Sept, aged 10). She also had to say what she would like to achieve in the future.. to start some more dance classes, maybe tap or cheerleading. (quite a committment for us as it involves another night driving / waiting / shopping)
Well I thought it would be nice to make her little dream come true a bit sooner than she'd have hoped, and last night took her along. Dear thing, she looked so chuffed, tall and lithe in her leotard and leggings and the beautiful tap shoes Marie has given her to wear. Watching her move about on the heels she looked a proper lady, and her smile was worth the drive to and from Newlyn.
And the food shop got done as well and no big chore left for the w/e. .. though I'm just glad she's the last of the children, I wouldn't have wanted to be on the Kid's taxi bandwagon for all 5 of them.. (and yes Ross, I WILL come and watch you surf again 22 year old!)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Pieces of Me?

As I said I have recently got into scrapbooking, it is my first ever hobby to speak of and I love it.. I think it is related to a desire to do something constructive in response to the sadness and nostalgia I feel with my mum's condition, but I have always loved my photos and remembering the days way back when...

Well this w/e I am doing a layout called Pieces of Me.. and have to write 10-12 statements about me, so I asked the kids.. and Colin.. his was unprintable but really quite flattering, the kids were generally sweet, but Zac said my favourite phrase is 'Could someone just...', this means they all get out of it cos no-one is called Someone!! Colin tries hard to make me more assertive, but sadly if it worked it would probably only work against him in the long run!

I visited Mum this morning and spent some time just sitting with her and trying to talk about when she was young, just in case she understands more than it seems. On the way home I decided that one of my phrases will be that I am more contented now than ever before.. quite ironic given the situation I find myself in with the exerience of Mum's dementia, but I think it's because I am older and happier with where I am, don't feel the pressure so much to 'do something' or achieve something for everyone else.

... also that I understand now what IT is all about...coming back home to find Lisa here with little Lilly, 2 months old today, a new life to be lived.. and me as Nan playing a supportive role, and loving every minute. Seeing the family grow and the cycle of life has taken on a whole new meaning this past year.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Scrapping frenzy!

I am off to Just Scrapbooking's weekend on Saturday, can only get there one day but Linda is happy for me to go along on day basis.....I've been in a frenzy all w/e getting pics together. Lots need to be B&W so it's a steep learning curve with our printer (also learnt how to clean the nozzles.. it helps!)

One layout is called Pieces of Me, it gives you quite an insight into what you really are about and who is important to you...Col and the kids are going to contribute the phrases to describe me, hope they are not too painful!

(This is my first note, really odd writing to no-one in particular, haven't even told anyone I'm doing this yet!)...and for those who don't know me I am not only a scrapbooker.. it's just I was long overdue for a hobby and family changes in February meant that I was set free a little and I rewarded myself with scrapping couple of times a month.