Monday, 6 February 2012

365/37 Packaging.

Easy one this, I love collecting nice pieces of packaging, trouble is you have to eat the chocolates or use the smelly goodies first... oh what a shame!

Years ago we did a scrap challenge with packaging as inspiration and I used a Tesco chocolate cake box, perfect frame!

These are a few examples, inner of a GU dessert box, SuperDry bag, several boxes of chocs and my favourite Sanctuary Spa .. can you tell which is which?

Okay, I can't put it off any longer.. bureau to tidy so I can bring back in the two plastic boxes of pre-Christmas junk! x


  1. don't you just love nice paper, you can lust over it and stroke and love it. Ok so I have just admitted that I just love lovely peices of paper :-)

  2. True Yvonne, and I have only just learnt to use it too.. my favourite was silver glittery wrapping paper I got from WH Smith sale .. Linda hated it, too glittery and chavvy, so I hide it as mounting! X

  3. Love the way you save all the bits and actually use them, I just save them!! You are doing well keeping up with this.xx


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