Friday, 23 March 2012

365/82 Calm

Once again this week the dynamic changes in our house.. JB is out tonight, seeing the Hunger Games, the long awaited film after the books she had for Christmas.  Colin and Ross got back from their trip, lots of people seen, reports to write and videos to show the guys of different jobs which need doing.

I spent too long in front the computer the last couple of days, and now for that matter.. but it is compulsive!! .. so long hot bath and some catching up, nice glass of wine ...

Calmness is in the air, life just feels kind of right when the men are around again... just Zac to get back home for May now.. til he sets off for three months in Oz with the Pacific Jewel..

Looking back through the pics on my tablet, I love this snippet of a layout I did of one of our trips to the Minack... I love the sea, the cliffs, the whole damn shooting match..

...and as I said before..

'If I was a salmon, that's where I'd be heading.. 'home'..calm '  xxx

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