Monday, 5 March 2012

365/65 Arranged.

The women in our family are the arrangers.. the men say they are passengers, happy to be on the women's magical mystery tour that is life.. well, that applies to the weekends and all things not too important, maybe because the men have to do all the decision making the rest of the time.

Years ago, one Christmas my brother and stepdad were talking about what was happening and Phil said that he wasn't sure yet, and my brother commented ' oh hasn't Auntie Edna organised that yet?' Phil said he didn't know what he meant, but many years later, after the annual sitting round at her house, on uncomfortable chairs looking at Christmas Cards received and playing Scrabble with no TV on etc, Phil realised what Ken meant, that my Mum was a softie and what her big sister said goes and she would have her Christmas gathering by hook or by crook!

Turns out my niece and maybe at least one of my daughters has similar genes, we love to have, or make that organise an event, a family gathering, the only good thing is that they normally involve music and takeaway!

And so, it has been arranged, tomorrow's celebration of Kate's 15th and Lyla's first birthdays. JB has made the cakes, I will provide venue and food and the rest will turn up, eat, drink and look pretty..I think that's about it..


  1. Have a lovely day- sounds like a lot of fun. My mum is the 'arranger' in our family!

  2. Women are the arrangers, Men are the washer-uppers :)

    I have got my plate ready, i'll have a slice of both please :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Kate and Lyla, your youngest daughter and youngest granddaughter :) xx

  4. Lovely story and beautiful cakes !

  5. I love this story! What a great take on the prompt. Perfect.


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