Sunday, 4 March 2012

365/64 Chairs.

Nice prompt! Our kitchen / dining room has roo many chairs, up to six diners, a futon seating 3 or 4 and also four stools near the computer and at the b'fast bar... but I guess as the full compliment of family is about ten then they are all potentially 'used', it's just sometimes it seems a sea of chairs when you look across the room! I have the futon in the kitchen end and the stools face into the kitchen so I spend my time bobbing to and fro, but itkeeps me at the heart of any conversation I guess, which is what I like.

We have plans.. oh, the extend the room and have a new kitchen / summer type room but this will be well planned with lots of seating for those conversations while I cater type times. .. by then there may well be a number of extra family members , partners and grandchildren.. not a reflection of impending marriages, more the anticipationof waiting a few more years yet.. but it is 'on our list' for this year!!

So, to the subject of chairs, the photos..the obvious choice is the arm chair which used to be my Dad's and when Mum remarried when I was 13 it went to my Auntie's house, where it stayed, cushioned, hardboarded when the supports went, and left to be quite sad for many years..

We cleared her house and Mum told me the chair was my Dad's and being quite pathetic about all things 'my dad' it came home here about six years ago.  
I'm not sure if it is about my Dad or the usual nostalgia-freaks desire to know and keep all things relating to their childhood, but either way, it was always kept aside when Col and the boys had their purging days cleaning out the sheds, having acquired the belongings of all our two families over the years.. (they used to put stuff in the black shed.. or the skip.. but had to call the skip 'the greeen shed' to stop my mum stressing that we may be discarding something she felt we had to keep..the route to the 'green shed' was behind the van across the yard and I'm sure even I would have been moaning if I'd seen the 'heirlooms' they threw out!)

A couple of years later Zac & Ross had the chair upholstered for me and although it still needs a good bit of waxing or TLC to the frame, it has taken residence in the corner of our kitchen and I love sitting on it..

Another little chair came to mind though.. a little doll's house wooden chair  which my ex-father-in-law gave me once, probably when Lisa was small, something he found in a house clearance. I had bought her a tiny cat at Dairyland I think and the cat sat in the chair on the mantle piece of all our houses. I think I'm the only person who has loved or notices it, I even had to search it out today as I had forgotten where it sits.. but I found it in front of some books on the bookcase.. haha, in front of my text books from Uni.... okay, so I did Social Policy way back when, but they hardly call me from the Govt to ask my opinion on housing policy or anything do they... but as Mum said, 'if you educate the mother you educate the children..'


  1. I love the doll's house chair!

  2. It is a lovely photo- I took one of a little sofa my daughter has infront of her books aswell!

  3. love that little chair, it's so sweet.

  4. Love the chairs and the stories behind them....

    and well, maybe the govt should come calling some sensible people with good ideas.

    I like the green shed idea...i'm shocking for throwing things I probably shouldn't.


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