Monday, 19 March 2012

365/79 Playtime!

No real youngsters about here today but a nice opportunity to share a layout I did last year. When I was a kid I loved so much to play in the big china sink.. you know, the ones which are suddenly very trendy again... and as I got older I loved to scrub it clean with gritty old Ajax.. I loved the smell and Mum told me it was a smell she liked when she was pregnant with me!

Our Lilly loved to sit in our kitchen sink a couple of summers ago when she was about a year old.. just like Ross and Lisa did at my Mum's house in Mousehole twenty or more years's such a different pleasure letting your grandchildren be indulged, when as a mum you always wanted them to make less mess and let you get on making tea or something.!  

Lisa likes this kind of layout, she says it's all about the lots of photos for her, rather than the whole technique thing... so this is a page for their album...


  1. Lilly looks so happy and engaged, great layout too.
    I used to enjoy getting in the plastic dishwasher bowl (outside on the ground!) and so did my boys.

    Just finished The Hunger Games! Might have downloaded the next one too :) Night x

  2. the photos are so cute


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