Friday, 16 March 2012

365/76 Bliss

There's not a picture I can think of for my blissful evening.. but sure I'll come up with something as I write! Ross was at the gym, JB at work and Pops out too so it was us two and Kate..who headed for Friday bath and hair, getting ready for the weekend!

Col put on some music videos from our New Year Party and once again I revel at the amazing way music can transport you back to the moment.. the video for Sweet singing 'Ballroom Blitz' will age me but I cannot deny that as I hear the opening bars I have to close my eyes and just listen... I used to play it really loud and if Teddy my pal from over the road was in we'd turn the lights off .. and just listen to it... nothing else, just thought listening to music in the dark was the thing to do in 1973!  Maybe that's why I double guess the teenagers in my family as it seems only yesterday that it was me there being 13 or 14!

Ahhh, Port and GN!
A nice glass of port and Graham Norton with great guests as ever makes or a blissful evening and a great start to the weekend... hair tomorrow and Mother's Day on Sunday.. more bliss as Ross has agreed to 'give' me hours of help OCDing my scrap space..


  1. Sounds like a very blissful end to the week and a relaxing weekend. Can I borrow Ross when he has finished your room, I soooooo need some OCD help. He could make a fortune you know! xx

  2. Oh ... I remember the Ballrom blitz too and although I was in France at that time, it was very much a hit. Sometimes you hear a song and it carries you back years ago. It's just so much fun to go back to the past and remember what you were doing when !

  3. That sounds lovely. Nothing wrong at all with listening to music in the dark, i'm going to try that, at the moment I only do it at low light in the bathroom :)

  4. Thought of you in the early hours 12.30am to be precise as I danced away to Ballroom Blitz. x


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