Saturday, 3 March 2012

365/63 Flat

My family are playing along with my prompts and we all frowned a little, wondering what options there were, especially when trying to keep it as a diary / blog chat too.

Well I went to Newlyn for our social scrap today, only 4 of us as Linda was poorly and the session was hastily made a go-er amongst ourselves.  But we did good, I got about three pages done for my new midi-album, even used inks and stamps and my favourite core papers. We chatted a lot, well I did, they said it was very quiet til I arrived, but I like to make some noise!! Not always an empty vessel though I hope...

So, everyone was busy and Col's dad is away visiting so it was very easy but favourite tea.. fresh tuna..with fresh bread and some rice.. I scoured the cupboards for the main accompaniment and then took this photo...
...despite the beautiful tuna, it is rather 'flat' without the Lime Pickle!!!! (not much left though eh!!)


  1. Sounds a lovely dinner and day for that matter Kathi.

    Yes, I am away for the week but we only have one class where we have a tutor come in. The rest of the week we just sit around the kitchen table and giggle and make a few layouts. Very relaxed....takes me a couple of days to get into the zone though after the hectic-ness of normal life....then it stores me up to deal with the rest of the year :)
    I will be posting on my normal blog probably tomorrow what I have made so far, i'll link you up then as you so very kindly asked :)


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