Wednesday, 21 March 2012

365/81 An Everyday Sight.

Mmm, not sure what to choose today so you choose your favourite.. both feature several photos and some bits and bibs I have accumulated..

The first is the little area in front of my keyboard, so I guess it is in my sight about eight hours a day..
..there's a wooden frame JB made in school and a tiny paper crane she origamied (if that's a word!) ,
.. a note Kate wrote when learning to write saying 'I love yow mom',
.. a blingy single heart stud,
..some passport and proof school pics of the children
..and a small pic of me and my Dad.. me playing with a banana box aka a cooker.. I love that pic, so rare to have one of my Dad at all and it was such a normal setting, me playing pretend and Dad bending wires for crab pots.

Last but not least is a business card of our American pal Will which he gave us when we met way back when.. 1999 I think! I found it the other day and there is stayed..x

Oh and a hidden fridge magnet which says 'Friday is Casual Sex Day!'... you can see the representation here of our office humour!

The other pic is of our dresser in the sitting room, we walk past it all the time and it is laden with photos.. mostly from when the children were young, but a few newer ones..the fruit bowls and some pot pourri, the growing family of meerkats and general detritis which has to be tidied when I'm on a roll!! At Christmas we swap some of the photo frames for wooden decorations and stuff, a special bit of Christmas.. the net lights stay behind it all year and Ross turns them on now and then when he wants the place to feel


  1. well done you - a proper family dresser - with proper stuff on it, not the twee flowers in bud nor the crafty vingagey crap that seems to be on everyone elses blog at the moment! And your fruit isn't mouldy like mine ha ha! x

  2. love the fairy lights idea.


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