Saturday, 24 March 2012

365/84 Bedtime.

The grand daughters' sleepover went well, well it did for them! As it's not a regular occurrence I was still smiling and joking at 6.30am when I got up to make us the first cup of tea. The babe had disturbed quite a bit but then slept again til 11 so there was time to do some glueing and sticking with Lilly..

I know she is ours but she really is incredibly well co-ordinated, puts the corner frames in the corners and sticks things in straight lines...she asked me if something was 'hideous' and in just the right place for the word! Last week she asked her mum is she was 'impressed' with her and last night she woke Kate at 2am and started telling her her numbers in French!

..but it was early to bed for us all tonight xx


  1. She seems to be such a beautiful sweet little girl !

  2. What a sweetheart :) I love how she is sitting....of course that's how I craft too sat just like that on the carpet ;)

    Thanks for the comments Kath. I really appreciated them. It's a mind thing so I will find a way to deal with it. I have sorted the exhaustion thing a bit with getting to bed at 7:40 last night and resting for 13 hours-most of them fast asleep!!!!!

  3. What a lovely photo- she's concentrating hard on making it pretty!

  4. she is a bright little spark, i bet she brings you a lot of joy


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